2022 starts off with the latest addition to our site – allowing customers to design silicone wristbands using our online interactive designer. Our hard working IT team have been working hard to ensure that all 3 types of finishes are available via the website. This now means that our top 3 products can be designed online and ordered by customers 24/7 without any intervention from our sales team. The new tool allows users to create unique designs from scratch including the colour of the wristband which can be matched with any organisation colour scheme. Simply choose from our colour wheel the shade which best matches your requirements and this will be the base colour. Customers can then upload logos and add text as required and drag the elements around with a live preview of how the wristbands will look. The tool is ideal to create customized wristbands for charities or fundraising events which are some of the most popular uses for this type of product. The online designer can be used for both simple designs such as a few words of text or those looking for a more complex design including logos. Click here to start to Design Silicone Wristbands in Ireland with the best prices and a production time of about 10-14 days.

While silicone wristbands can be grouped together as one, there are actually 3 main types of silicone bands that are all different from each other. We go into more detail about the main differences between them here on our silicone wristband page – but here is a summary of how they differ from each other. Printed silicone bands are the fastest and cheapest type of finish, ideal for logos and more detailed designs. The method uses ink to print the design onto the surface area of the band – with one colour print included in the prices quoted on the site. For customers requiring more than one colour print there will be additional charges. Debossed bands are where the text and/or logo is engraved into the band – this is recommended for very simple designs. The text or logo will not stand out as much as it will appear as the same colour as the wristband itself. The debossed colourfil method adds colour to the engraved areas for a more vibrant finish. This is our premium option as it is very long lasting and durable and lets customers use various colours for best outcomes. Customers looking to design silicone wristbands can use the online tool for all 3 types and customers are requested to choose which type of band they want before moving to the designer section.

For first time users of our interactive designer we have provided a simple 5 step process on how to Design Silicone Wristbands in Ireland. The steps should be very easy to follow and go through methodically, whilst there are also prompts at each stage along the way. Should you encounter any difficulties our sales team are on hand during office hours either via live chat, on the phone by calling 830475444 or on email on info@wristbandsireland.com. Whilst we do our best to meet even the tightest of deadlines it is prudent to point out that production time for customized silicone bands is approximately 10-14 days from confirmation of order and artwork. Detailed orders with multiple colours, sizes or variable data such as sequential numbering will take a few days longer. If your order is required within 14 days please contact us to confirm if the deadline can be met. The minimum order for personalised silicone wristbands is 100 units and there are bulk discounts for orders over 500 units. There are 3 types of sizes available including adult, teenager and children. For more information on how charities use silicone wristbands click here for a case study. Place your order with Irelands leading supplier of wristbands and have peace of mind from our 5* Trustpilot score with over 350 reviews from recent customers.

Step 1 – Navigate to the interactive designer and select the type of finish from our 3 popular options
Step 2 – The wristband colour automatically defaults to the colour of red – but any colour can be chosen. Simply click onto the wristband area (currently red) and then click the bucket tool which loads a colour wheel to choose from. Select the colour that best matches your requirements from the right panel of the chart and then select the shade. For this example we have selected neon green which is a popular colour and stands out nicely. We have added a handy zoom button for a close up view together with an undo button which is handy for when things are not looking how you hoped.
Step 3 – Once the colour of the band is confirmed, users can now start adding text and logos as applicable using the buttons. Text elements can be edited in many ways such as the font, size and colour – to best fit the users requirements. Click onto the text to then drag the element across the wristband surface to move it to the left or right or make further changes. Upload images or logos as required – but do remember that if an image has more than one colour it will incur additional costs. Drag the various elements into place until you are happy with the design that will be showing on screen. For this example we have just gone with a simple design of text in one colour (white).
Step 4 – At this stage you should now have a customized silicone wristband preview that you are happy to proceed and order. Before moving ahead to the final stage of the process users must choose which size they want the wristband to be. We offer 3 main sizes as per the screen shot. Adult size is 202mm and for those over the age of 18, teenager size is 180mm and for those aged roughly 13-17 and kids size is 170mm and for children mainly 8-12. If you require wristbands for children under the age of 8 we also supply 160mm but would ask that you contact us after your order is made to confirm the smallest size.
Step 5 – The final step is to confirm the quantity of wristbands required before adding the items to the cart. A note that the minimum order is 100 units and there are discounts for orders over 500 units. The cart summarises the items that are ready to be purchased and customers can then move to the checkout or add other items if they wish to continue shopping.

These 5 simple steps allow anyone to create and Design Silicone Wristbands in a matter of minutes and place the order directly via our website. With 3 types of finish available we recommend first deciding which type best suits the design you have in mind. All of our customized silicone bands are made from scratch and are completely customizable, so whether you need a small quantity for a fundraising event or a large order for a public awareness campaign we can assist. The online tool allows users to upload QR codes if these are being incorporated into the campaign which is becoming more popular. For customers looking to include additional elements into the design such as barcodes or sequential numbering please speak with our sales team for a bespoke quote. In that relation we request that artwork be submitted to us directly in formats such as PDF, PNG or JPG along with quantity details any other specifics. The required dimensions for standard silicone wristbands are 202mm wide by 12mm high – although we can supply widths of 15mm or 20mm on request. For more information and prices of custom printed silicone wristbands visit this page and we welcome you to contact us via live chat, email or phone.

Design Silicone Wristbands
Design Silicone Wristbands – Step 2 – Select the wristband colour from our chart
Design Silicone Wristbands
Design Silicone Wristbands – Step 3 – Add images and text to the band as required
Design Silicone Wristbands
Design Silicone Wristbands – Step 4 – Select the size of the wristbands