At Wristbands Ireland we are very proud to supply plain and printed Irish Wristbands to individuals and organisations across the country. Our focus is the customer, and we do everything possible to ensure that their requirements are taken into account when producing a top-quality wristband. Our Irish Wristbands are perfect for schools, clubs, sports teams, charities and businesses looking to show their patriotic side. They are available in a number of different types of material and can be plain or customized to include print. Customers looking to include all of the tri colour scheme of green white and gold in one wristband are recommend choosing either silicone or fabric wristbands. We outline some further details of these types of Irish Wristbands below and include photos for customers to visualise how the wristbands could look. Contact details for our sales team to discuss your order are as follows; phone/whats app on 830475444 or email

Silicone Irish Wristbands

Silicone wristbands are a fantastic long-lasting product that is comfortable to wear and can be worn for months. These are sometimes known as Irish charity wristbands as they are used for fundraising or awareness campaigns. Normally a silicone wristband is one solid colour – but there is an effect which allows it to be 2 or even 3 colours. And this segment effect – known as segmented wristbands allows for the 3 colours of the Irish flag to be used as a base colour. The green white and gold colours are mixed together to form a wristband base that is similar to the Irish flag. An example of the segment multi colour silicone wristband can be found at the bottom of this page as an example.

The bands can be supplied with additional customization to include text or logos that really help the wristband stand out. These Irish Wristbands are available in both adult and children size and production time is about 10-14 days from when the order is confirmed. More information can be found on our silicone wristband product page – however there are additional costs for the 3-colour segment process. There is a minimum order of 100 units for these type of Irish Wristbands – making it ideal for wide use at sports teams, schools or even businesses looking to promote a cause. It is also common for GAA clubs to order custom silicone wristbands for the various teams in the club and relevant age groups.

Fabric Irish Wristbands

There are different materials that can be used to make Irish wristbands and apart from silicone as mentioned above there are an additional 2 that are popular. The first is fabric wristbands or woven wristbands in Ireland and they are a great long term product that can be worn for weeks or even months. Commonly they are found at music festivals or for events that can last longer than 1-2 days. With the dye sublimated print process the wristband can be split into the 3 Irish flag colours of green white and gold for a great effect. Text and logos can be added and printed across the material – although only the central 150mm of the wristband is visible when worn.

The product is supplied with 2 types of closing mechanism depending on if the band will be used to control entrance. The barrel lock means that once the wristband is put on it cannot be removed or transferred – which is ideal for entry management. Alternatively the bead closure means that the wristband can be slid off and then worn again multiple times. This is more ideal for sports clubs or groups where the wristband should be worn regularly – but not all the time. Customers can read more information about customized fabric wristbands in Ireland including minimum orders, production time and also prices.

Cheap Wristbands in Ireland

Which is the cheapest Irish Wristband? Well in this instance there is no doubt that the cheapest wristbands in Ireland are the tyvek type. These are the paper style bands that are commonly used at nightclubs and other venues which need to control entrance. The product is non transferrable once worn and cannot be removed without showing clear signs of tampering. The cheap price is a great selling point for tyvek bands as they can start from as little as 5c per band to include print. This makes it the perfect product for cost effective entry management at all sorts of venues and businesses across Ireland. While plain tyvek wristbands are even cheaper – starting at 4c per band – it is our strong recommendation to opt for printed tyvek to ensure that nobody can replicate the plain bands and gain entrance to an establishment without a ticket.

Tyvek Irish Wristbands are also extremely fast to be produced and sent to customers – making it ideal for those working on a tight deadline. With our express shipping service customers can potentially receive their order the next working day – if the order is placed by 12pm. This cannot be guaranteed but those in Dublin are likely to receive tyvek bands within 24 hours. Our online tool allows users to upload their logos or text and place them onto the surface of the band with a live preview on screen. Once the design is finalised users can select the quantity required and move to the cart. Click here to start designing your customized wristbands and choose your favorite colour from over 20 options. We have the best wristband prices in Ireland for both plain and printed types in all colours.

All types and colours of wristbands are available on our website and details of each product can be found on the relevant page together with production time and prices. For the best Irish Wristbands contact our sales team today either via email or else on the phone who will be happy to help. We pride ourselves on customer service and a top quality product and this is reflected in our 5* service via our Trustpilot score as reviewed by customers. We look forward to assisting you with your order for any type of plain or printed wristbands and are on hand to assist with the ordering process and any queries you may have.

Irish Wristbands
Irish Wristbands – Silicone wristbands with tri colour segment and black debossing finish