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Litter Free Wristbands in Ireland
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Litter Free Wristbands

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously at Wristbands Ireland and we know that many of our customers feel the same way. With the planet warming and causing more weather events everyone has to do their part to reduce waste and recycle where possible. To that end we have developed a litter free version of our popular tyvek wristbands, which are a great way to control entrances and groups of people. After months of fine tuning we are delighted to bring this product to market and serve our customers with Litter Free Wristbands that are fully waterproof and also cannot be removed or transferred once worn. 

The modified Tyvek Wristbands that are available with a no litter option will no doubt turn into a product that is used by venues and organisers all over the country on a daily basis. It has all of the characteristics of the standard tyvek band that make it the go to choice for organisers, but with the added bonus of bring litter free. They can be worn for up to 48 hours, even in water settings such as in a swimming pool or outdoors in the rain. They can be fully customized to include a logo or text in full colour and can even include other printed icons such as social media icons, QR codes or even barcodes. The tamperproof tab ensures that the band cannot be removed or transferred without clearly indicating that it has been changed. Additionally it can be applied to the wrist of the wearer in a matter of seconds at the entrance to a venue or event. All of these key features makes Litter Free Wristbands the ideal entry control system for large venues or events for thousands of people.

Apart from the various points mentioned above, these no litter wristbands in Ireland are popular because of two very important additional points. Firstly, and most importantly, they can be printed the same day that they are ordered and sent out to customers on a next day delivery (where available). For organisers and venues running on tight deadlines this is vitally important and assists with the running of their events. Orders placed before 12pm normally qualify for same day printing and can expect to receive the wristbands either 24 or 48 hours later. Both plain litter free and printed tyvek wristbands are available with this express service which is available to central locations such as Dublin, Cork and Galway. To start creating your own unique wristband design using our online interactive designer please click here to be redirected. You will then have the option to select from our standard tyvek band or the litter free option after you have made the design. 

We are also contuining to develop and test eco friendly wristband concepts on an ongoing basis and hope to be able to offer a suitable product in this regard in the near future. Keep up to date on our ground breaking progress by signing up to our newsletter by completing the form at the bottom of this page. For recycled wristbands in Ireland contact our sales team who will present all of the options that are best suited for your intended use. 

What are Litter Free Wristbands?

Litter free wristbands are durable wearable accessories that have been specially designed to reduce waste by including a non removable tab on the wristband which is not dettached. It helps to raise awareness about waste reduction and maintaining a clean environment for our selves and future generations. On normal standard tyvek bands the adhesive strip on the back of the wristband is removed and then sometimes causes issues when they fall on the floor at venues or on streets. This new variant does not detach from the band – and remains stuck to the back of the material. This gives the characteristics of it being litter free as the tab does not detach and cause any excess material to be found.

The litter free bands are available in a wide range of colours including our popular neon yellow, neon green, neon pink together with white, red, gold and silver. They are made with the same strong mixture of tyvek material together with paper which ensures it is waterproof, tamperproof and very strong. Litter-free Tyvek wristbands show a commitment by an organisation or business to making a positive change in reducing waste. Speak to our sales team today and start to incorporate this great product into your venue or business today and see the positive impact it will have immediately. 

How much do Litter Free Wristbands cost?

See below a table summarising the cost of Litter Free Wristbands in Ireland which are available in both plain and printed versions. There are various price breaks available for bulk orders as the table displays. If you have any questions about the product then speak with our support team via live chat or email.

Plain Litter Free Wristbands cost 6c each for the plain standard colours that we offer, without any customized print. We offer bulk discounts as explained in the table below. For orders over 1,000 units there is a reduction in price to 5c each and for orders over 5,000 units there is a further reduction to 5c per band. All of our most popular tyvek colours are available in litter free variants, such as; neon yellow, neon green, neon pink, white, gold, silver plus some stripey options which really stand out.

Printed Litter Free Wristbands start at 12c each for orders  from 100 – 999 units. This includes print of logos and text and even social media icons or QR codes. Bulk discounts are available to offer cheap eco friendly wristbands in Ireland. For orders between 1,000 units and 4,999 units the price reduces to 10c per band and for orders over 5,000 units the unit price is 8c per band. Speak to our friendly and helpful sales team today about how these no litter wristbands can work for your organisation, business or venue.


  100-999 1,000-4,999 5,000+
PLAIN 6c 5c 5c
PRINTED 12c 10c 8c

Benefits of Litter-Free Wristbands

These types of tyvek wristbands are a perfect promotional tool for businesses looking to control entrance whilst at the same time showing how important environmental causes to an organisation or company. The litter free bands help raise awareness about waste reduction, encourage responsible behaviour, and overall community engagement. Using litter-free wristbands comes with a long list of advantages that can be summed up as below:

  • Raise awareness:

One of the singular most important advantages of litter-free custom Tyvek wristbands is how they can bring peoples attention to the matter of reducing waste. Even a small simple act such as choosing the litter free bands instead of the standard ones can make a difference if everyone makes the same choices. This can be reflected and amplified to other subjects such as recycling at home or separating waste effectively. Big changes start with small gestures and we feel that these bands are our first step to providing a more eco friendly product to our customers. 

  • Changing habits:

From a personal level we hope that when people wear our no litter tyvek wristbands they will subconsciously appreciate the small difference they are making and push them to make other changes in the lives. If they can reduce litter by wearing a special Tyvek wristband then they change other habits which will also greatly help the environment too. It encourages individuals to reconsider how they think about waste disposal or other habits they maybe set into. By making a difference at our end we hope that others will follow and try to make small changes in their own daily routines. This expanded mindfulness across a large group of people reinforces people to consider the impact they have on the environment and empowers them to pursue eco-accommodating decisions in their day-to-day routines. Examples of behaviour modification include recycling, properly disposing of rubbish, and reducing waste generation in total. Over the long run, these little habit changes activities can have a massive effect in diminishing litter and advancing a cleaner climate for future generations. 

  • Community Participation:

When a customer wears a litter-free Wristband they can use this as conversation starter with other people at the same venue / organisation. What better way to discuss environmental challenges then by showing how the wristband is creating less litter. Similarly venues and event organisers who purchase these special no litter bands can discuss with their partners about effective the product is and how it benefits them. The work which needs to be done to reduce our impact on the world is one which we all need to come together to achieve. 

  • Promotion and Branding:

Litter-free Wristbands can be customized to include logos, trademarks, or messages connected with local organisations who are working in the sustainability industry. The bands can even have QR codes or links to more information about how they can be disposed of or recycled in a local community. Companies can include information on the band itself stating that it is litter free so that customers can see it and be happy with their contribution. These custom printed paper tyvek wristbands in Ireland help to build a positive brand image for organisations about how they are working on sustainability and social responsibility. 

Litter Free bands

Key Points for Litter Free Bands

  • Adhesive tab is not detachable
  • Can be worn for up to 48 hours
  • Cannot be transferred or removed
  • Available with express delivery
  • Over 10 colours to choose from
  • Customize with logos and text
  • Available in plain and printed
  • Prices starting from as little as 5c

Can Litter Free Wristbands be recycled?

Yes – most litter free bands can be recycled, but it does depend on the locality you are in. You should check with your local council or relevant department about how and where the wristbands should be recycled after use. With the non removable tab there is less litter when using this variant and that is why it is so popular with large scale venues. 

How much are no litter wristbands?

No litter wristbands made from tyvek material are available with prices starting from 7.5c per band including printed logos and text. If you require just plain wristbands then the price starts at just 4.5c for bulk orders. The larger the order, the cheaper the overall unit price. Speak to our sales team today about our special offers on this product. 

What colours are litter free available in?

We have a wide variety of colours available in our litter free wristbands in Ireland. All of the popular colours such as neon yellow, neon green, neon pink, silver, white, gold, red, dark green and dark yellow. We also have some stripey variations which are great for VIP areas as they stand out from the other types. 

How do Litter Free Wristbands work?

Basically the product is very similar to a tyvek wristband but has one important difference. The detachable tab that covers the adhesive area is permanently stuck to the back of the wristband. That means when the tab is removed to apply the sticky adhesive and wear the wristband the tab remains stuck to the back of the band and the tab does not fall onto the group. Simple and effective, that’s how it works. 

How long does it take to make no litter bands?

We hold thousands of the no litter wristbands in stock at any given time and can send them out to customers across Ireland with our express delivery service in 24-48 hours normally. Whether customers need plain or printed wristbands we can assist with both on very tight timeframes. Speak to our sales team today and they will be happy to help.