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RFID Wristbands in Ireland

Chose the right Wristband and RFID Frequency to suit your needs!


What is RFID?

Read on for a summary of RFID Wristbands in Ireland and how they can work for your organisation. RFID which stands for Radio Frequency Identification is a wireless technology which uses encoded radio waves to transmit data at fast speeds. Each unique tag can store customised data that can be retrieved by or edited using specialized RFID scanners without requiring any physical contact. RFID Wristbands are specialized wristbands which have an RFID tag built into them. A scanned band will return data in less than a millisecond which makes them perfect to handle large crowds trying to enter a festival. Instead of having security look though paper tickets, attendees can just scan their smart band to gain instant access to the festival.

Different types of RFID Wristbands

RFID Wristbands are very customizable. There are 3 main types of RFID chips: Low frequency (LF) RFID, High frequency (HF) RFID and Ultra high frequency (UHF) RFID. Each frequency is ideal for different uses as they can store different amounts of data and can be accurately read from different distances. The RFID tag of your choice can then be implanted into 3 different kinds of Wristbands: FabricSilicone or Tyvek each of which come in a range of different colours and can have your own branding printed on the surface. Depending on how the wristband will be worn and used would then depend on the type of material to use. 

5 Steps to follow when Ordering RFID Wristbands

Step 1 – Identify what kind of Wrisband you need. Most common Wristbands used for RFID are: FabricSilicone or Tyvek

Step 2 – If you already use an RFID system, Identify what Frequency it works on. If not, chose which Frequency best suits your needs.

Step 3 – Think of how you want the Wristband of choice to look. You can add company logos and color schemes to the design

Step 4 – Establish how many units will be required.

Step 5 – Contact us at with the above info for a quote.

RFID Wristbands for Festivals

Many festivals and events have recently been switching to RFID Wristbands and finding innovative ways to benefit from this technology. Lightning fast scanning speeds will streamline the process of entry while also logging useful data showing when people entered and which entrances were used. They can also be used to identify who can enter certain restricted areas like VIP or staff only areas. Some festivals have recently started asking attendees to enter personal identification details which can be saved on an RFID tag to eliminate ticket touting. The bands can also be paired up to a mobile app for extra features like sending notifications to avoid congested areas or even help attendees find their friends!

The bands can also be used to replace cash purchases at bars or food stalls, promoting an easy to use, cash free environment. Attendees can simply top up their bands before or during an event then just tap-to-pay for their purchase, significantly reducing transaction times and increasing sales!

RFID can also help event organisers improve service during events. With all bar purchases being made with the RFID Wristbands, a bar manager can see which bars are busy in real-time and shuffle staff around as necessary. All the data stored by the system can also help organisers to identify high traffic areas or times to make improvements for future events


What is the benefit of using an RFID Wristband

With the ability to store customized data which can be read and edited in milliseconds, the benefits of using RFID Wristbands are endless. RFID tags can’t be copied or reproduced. This eliminates the opportunity for ticket fraud at your events. One RFID access point can scan over 2500 tags per hour which streamlines the process of entering the event. The fast and easy scanning will also reduce bar transactions speeds! More sales = more revenue. Since all scans can be logged, the data can help tell organisers exactly when people entered and exited their events plus identify which areas they visited to help make improvements for future events

What can RFID do for hotels?

A simple answer would be: A LOT. Whether its a small hotel trying to cut costs or a large resort with multiple restaurants, pools and waterparks trying to make guests stay more enjoyable, RFID can help! Ask us today about how RFID Wristbands in Ireland are already being used to let guests access their rooms or other hotel facilities with just the touch of a wrist!

Some basic uses for RFID at hotels are accessing guest elevators, accessing rooms, powering rooms, entering certain areas like pools or gyms, making reservations at restaurants and making payments. Hotels have also started to get more creative with their bands, for example Universal Studios in Florida has implemented interactive totems which can be activated with the wristband throughout the park. Guests can also tap their bands at a ride and join a virtual queue and receive notifications when its their time to enter. The bands can also be linked to guests social media accounts and can post photos or ‘check in’ by simply tapping one of the RFID scanners.

On the backend side, RFID can help management with handling and tracking guests luggage, managing their own inventories, increase revenue, reduce operating costs and increase productivity of staff members. It also adds an extra level of security since the system can log entries to rooms which discourages employee theft.

Request a Quote for RFID Wristbands

Since pricing is dependant on a few different factors then each order will be treated as unique. Factors which will affect the price would be the material type of RFID tag required such as fabric, tyvek or silicone. Other issues to consider would be the number of units required and most importantly the type of chip required. Different chips have varying prices depending on the freqeuncy and also the memory size. We cannot provide set prices for RFID Wristbands as each case will be different but our team is ready to assist you by putting together an individual quote. Please mail us on for a quote or call +353 830475444 for more information on how RFID Wristbands in Ireland can work for your organisation.