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Tabbed Vinyl Wristbands in Ireland
Plastic Wristbands with detachable tabs

In the world of event management, Tabbed Vinyl wristbands have become indispensable tools, serving a dual purpose of identification and security. Amidst the plethora of wristband options available on the market, custom printed tabbed vinyl wristbands emerge as an exceptional choice for seamless event operations. This guide sheds light on the myriad benefits of incorporating tabbed vinyl wristbands into your upcoming event, elucidating their unique features and advantages. They are a perfect premium product for long duration events and are commonly found at events where the detachable tabs are exchanged for foor or drinks.

Understanding Tabbed Vinyl Wristbands

Tabbed vinyl wristbands are a distinct type of event wristband that marries the durability of vinyl with an ingenious tab feature. The tab is a tear-off component, offering these wristbands exceptional versatility for various event management needs. This tabbed design sets them apart from conventional wristbands, offering an array of advantages that event organizers can harness to enhance their events. Both the wristband itself and the tabs can be fully customized to include logos and text and icons. Our interactive online designer tool allows customers to upload logos and add text to create a unique design for vinyl bands with tabs. This ensures the security of any event or venue where only the correct persons can gain access. Read further for top use cases of this product together with prices.

Quantity Price Shipping
100 €135 €16
200 €196 €17
300 €234 €18
500 €330 €20
1,000 €450 €28
2,000 €640 €48
3,000 €780 €75
5,000 €1,100 €140
10,000 €1,800 €260
Key points for Vinyl Wristbands


  • Minimum order 100 units, bulk discounts over 500 units
  • 10-14 day lead-time from confirmation of orer
  • Available in multiple colours – see below image
  • Nontransferable once worn, cannot be removed
  • Extremely durable and can be worn for weeks or even months
  • 4,5,6,7 detachable tabs available on request
  • Fully waterproof and resistant to the elements
  • See table for a list or prices – how much do Tabbed Vinyl Wristbands cost?

The Advantages of Tabbed Vinyl Wristbands

Enhanced Security

At the forefront of the advantages of vinyl wristbands with tabs lies enhanced security. The tab acts as a tamper-evident feature, significantly raising the bar for attendees attempting to remove or transfer their wristbands. This meticulous attention to security ensures that only authorized individuals gain access to restricted areas, mitigating the risk of unauthorized entry and enhancing overall event safety.

Moreover, the tamper-evident nature of tabbed vinyl wristbands can deter fraudulent activities, such as attempting to reuse a wristband or passing it on to someone else. This ensures that your event maintains the highest level of security and prevents any breaches or abuses.

Simplified Voucher Redemption

Vinyl wristbands with tabs simplify the redemption process for various event perks, such as meals, beverages, or merchandise. Attendees can effortlessly tear off the tab when they utilize a voucher, streamlining the process for event organizers and guests. This seamless feature enhances the overall event experience by reducing wait times and increasing operational efficiency. Staff time is saved as they do not need to prepare change or take payment via cash or card.

The convenience of tabbed vinyl wristbands extends to attendees as well. With a quick tear of the tab, they can access their meals or beverages, eliminating the need for cumbersome paper vouchers or additional tokens. This not only speeds up service but also enhances the overall enjoyment of your event. If customers are happy and enjoying the event they are likely to return again and also leave positive feedback or reviews on social media.

Efficient Access Control

For events featuring distinct access levels or restricted areas, tabbed vinyl wristbands offer efficient access control. Tabs can be utilized to signify VIP access, backstage privileges, or any other tiered entry system. This precision in access management ensures that attendees are directed to the appropriate areas, curbing congestion and bolstering the event’s overall flow.

Efficient access control is vital for ensuring a smooth and enjoyable event experience. Tabbed vinyl wristbands allow for seamless differentiation between various tiers of access, whether it’s general admission, VIP areas, or exclusive backstage access. This not only enhances the overall guest experience but also contributes to the overall success of your event.

Personalizing Event Wristbands

Event branding stands as a pivotal element in creating a memorable experience. Tabbed vinyl wristbands come to the fore with an array of customization options, including vinyl printing. Organizers can imprint wristbands with event logos, branding elements, and specific information or even incorporate unique QR codes or barcodes for added functionality. This extensive customization empowers event organizers to not only maintain adequate security and access control but also solidify their event’s identity and amplify attendee engagement.

Customization is a powerful tool for event organizers. Tabbed vinyl wristbands can be fully tailored to your event’s theme, colours, and branding. Adding unique QR codes or barcodes can also facilitate a range of functionalities, from cashless payments to tracking attendee engagement with specific areas or activities.

Tabbed Vinyl Wristbands

Overall Score: 3/5

Tabbed Vinyl wristbands are the perfect product for long term use that is measured in days or weeks rather than hours. They are a premium product that is extremely durable and allows for customization. Most commonly they are found at events where attendees are entitled to a certain number of food or drink items included. It can be be corporate events such as teambuilding or product launch. These Plastic wristbands are a more durable and superior product to Tyvek bands. However they are more expensive and also take longer to produce. Tabbed Vinyl bands are available in a wide variety of colours and can be personalized to include text and logos as required. Contact our sales team today with your required artwork or text and we can provide a visual proof of how they would look.

This product is a one size fits all item that adjusts to the wearer when it is worn. The locking mechanism means that the wristband cannot be removed once it is applied. The removable tabs are connected to the wristband and can be removed by the wearer and then exchanged for drinks or food or act as some other form of payment. All vinyl bands can be recycled as they are made from plastic material. Production time for customized tabbed wristbands is approximately 14 days from confirmation of order. Bulk prices start at just 18c per band including custom print on both the wristband and the icons. 

 Product Score/5 Description
Pricing 3 Prices are similar to other related products for smaller quantities such as fabric or silicone. But unit price for bulk orders over 1,000 units does not decrease much.
Durability 5 Extremely durable and long-lasting product that can be worn for weeks or months in outdoor environments such as water and sun. Made from strong plastic material.
Customisation 4 Tabbed Vinyl Wristbands are fully customizable and can include logos and text. Standard price is for one colour print. Both the wristband and the tabs can be printed on. 
Minimum Units 4 Minimum quantity 100 units. No set up fees.
Delivery Times 3 Production time for Vinyl Wristbands with detachable tabs is approximately 10-14 days.
Branding 4 Printable area of standard L shaped tabbed band is 15mm high * 110mm wide where you can add logo and text. The tabs are 15mm * 15mm. 
Security 5 Vinyl wristbands have a standard self sealing lock mechanism which cannot be removed or transferred once applied. Extremely strong and resistant for long periods.

How much do Tabbed Vinyl wristbands cost?

  • The cost of custom printed tabbed vinyl wristbands depends on the overall quantity that is ordered. The minimum quantity for this product is 100 units and the cost is €135 plus delivery of approx €16. The overall unit price reduces considerably when increasing the total number of bands. For example the price for 500 or 1,000 units gives a great discount as they are treated as bulk orders. For 500 units the price is 66c each and it works out to just 45c each for 1,000 units or more. Further discounts are available for larger orders up to 10,000 or more. Plain vinyl bands with tabs are also available on request.  Customized vinyl wristbands have a production time of approximately 14 days.
  • The most popular colours for these type of Tabbed Vinyl bands  are red, yellow, green, white, black, blue and yellow. We can also offer different shades as per our colour chart found at the bottom of this table. Our online designer tool allows customers to upload logos and text and create a unique design including print on the detahcable tabs. Speak to us for the best prices in Ireland for this fantastic product. 
Vinyl Tabbed Wristbands

Ideal Scenarios for Tabbed Vinyl Wristbands

Festivals and Concerts

Tabbed vinyl wristbands come into their own at festivals and concerts, where seamless access control, heightened security, and simplified voucher redemption are paramount. They serve as a versatile solution for managing various entry points, tracking VIP access, and serving as vouchers for food, beverages, or merchandise.

Festivals and concerts often draw large crowds and require efficient solutions for managing access and security. Tabbed vinyl wristbands not only provide an excellent means of differentiating between different ticket tiers but also ensure that attendees can quickly redeem vouchers for meals, drinks, or merchandise without any hassle.

Corporate Events and Conferences

Corporate events and conferences demand a more professional touch, and tabbed vinyl wristbands deliver precisely that. They exude sophistication while providing essential access control and customization options. Tabs can be efficiently employed to manage access to specific workshops, sessions, networking areas, and more, ensuring that attendees navigate the event with ease and precision.

In the corporate world, professionalism is key. Tabbed vinyl wristbands offer a polished look ideal for conferences, seminars, and corporate gatherings. The tabs can provide access to specific sessions or areas, helping organizers manage the event with precision and ensuring a seamless experience for attendees.

Sporting Events

In the realm of sporting events, tabbed vinyl wristbands play a pivotal role in enhancing the fan experience. With tiered seating arrangements often in place, these wristbands can be employed to regulate access to premium seating sections, ensuring that ticket holders are seamlessly directed to their designated areas. The tear-off tabs simplify this process, contributing to an overall smoother and more enjoyable fan experience.

Sporting events often have distinct seating sections, and tabbed vinyl wristbands can make access control more efficient and convenient. Whether it’s for VIP seating or exclusive access to certain areas of the venue, these wristbands help ensure that attendees have a seamless experience.

The utilization of tabbed vinyl wristbands can elevate your event to unprecedented levels of efficiency, security, and attendee satisfaction. From fortifying event security to streamlining voucher redemption and optimizing access control, including these wristbands can simplify event logistics and enhance the overall attendee experience. We have been supplying all types of identity solution products for over 8 years and are on hand to offer any assistance you have with creating the perfect product.

At Wristbands Ireland, we specialize in providing high-quality wristbands tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Our expertise extends to tabbed vinyl wristbands, offering a versatile solution for event management. Whether you’re hosting a festival, corporate event, sporting event, or any other gathering, our tabbed vinyl wristbands can bolster security, streamline access control, and make your event professional.

Be sure to check out our 5* score on popular review website Trustpilot, where we have over 650 verified reviews from previous customers. Reach out today to explore the world of tabbed vinyl wristbands and discover how they can be the perfect addition to your next event.

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