Control access to your venue or business with Wristbands

How to keep staff safe when returning to work?

After weeks of lockdown and self isolation due to the COVID19 virus many businesses in Ireland will be preparing for how to return to work safely. With the reproductive rate of the virus falling gradually, the government has stated that it hopes to ease some restrictions by 5th May. As the drastic measures taken to control the outbreak seem to be paying off, the all important flattening of the curve can be seen. Business owners, retail outlets and venue operators across the country are all devising schemes to ensure staff are safe when restrictions are gradually relaxed. The HSA has released some Safety Representative advice for employers preparing to restart their business in the near future. At this time it is vital that all stakeholders do their very best to prevent a second wave of the virus appearing. Wristbands can offer a key tool in helping to control access to business premises such as shops and offices. 

”With staff members being the most important asset of any business it is imperative the managers take the necessary precautions to protect them.”

Apart from keeping staff a safe distance from each other and good hygiene such as regularly washing hands, employers can temperature check employees on a daily basis to check for fever. Plain paper wristbands are ideal as a way to identify   staff that have been checked and are without fever. Similarly they can be   used to split groups of people into teams on construction sites for example to make isolation easier. With prices from as little as 3c per band it is a tiny   cost when compared to having a small outbreak of the virus at your   business or premises. Keeping staff members in isolated teams will mean   that there is less chance of the virus spreading to a large number of   employees and different coloured wristbands are a great way to easily   identify groups. 

How to build trust with customers at your workplace?

Getting the economy moving again is a top priority for government but it must be balanced against the health of the nation and a trade off is going to be required. Retail outlets will likely need to limit the number of people who can enter a store at a certain time to adhere to social distancing rules and any business with an online presence is sure to continue to trade well. How the general public will react to any loosening of restrictions is unknown at this time.

”Additional measures such as offering hand sanitizer at the shop entrance and temperature checking are also good ways to control any customers entering a business or premises that is likely to see heavy footfall.”

At Wristbands Ireland we are very proud to serve local businesses with identity solution products for any occasion. Both plain and also custom printed wristbands are available with express delivery available to customers in Dublin and other major cities. Orders placed by 12pm are normally delivered within 24-48 hours via our couriers. We stock millions of wristbands at any time and offer 19 different colours for customers to chose from. Wrist bands can be applied in a matter of seconds and cannot be removed or tampered with. Even when worn outside and coming into contact with water or other elements wristbands can be worn for up to 48 hours before they start to show any signs of wear and tear. Wristbands can be used for both staff or customers at shops, offices and factories to clearly keep groups separated. 

What other precautions can I take against COVID 19?

The advice issued by the health department contains all of the key measures on how to avoid catching the virus. Staying at home as much as possible and avoiding crowded places are easy steps to take, together with regularly washing hands for at least 20 seconds. Hopefully as life starts to return to the new normal in the coming months many people will be able to get back to working, studying and general life. Of course the vulnerable members of society will still want to limit trips to as little as possible until a vaccine is available. For more information about the virus and its effects we suggest visiting the HSE official website here.

We have supplied a limited number of N95 masks available for our customers and these are available by contacting us on They are priced at €30 for a pack of 5 individual masks – working out at just €6 including express shipping. A 10% discount is available on masks for any returning wristband customer or anyone placing an order via the website until 31st May (or stocks last). These masks can be worn multiple times and are not the disposable surgical type of mask that are recommended to only be used once. The ‘N95’ designation means that when the mask is worn it blocks at least 95 percent of very small (0.3 micron) test particles and provides excellent protection against the virus. PPE in Ireland is in high demand so do contact us if you require any masks for your business.