Customers looking to Design Fabric Wristbands can now do so directly on our website thanks to our latest addition. Our IT team have been working behind the scenes for a number of months to bring this new interactive tool to fruition. We are delighted to now have this feature available where users can create unique designs and place orders in a matter of minutes. The new look designer allows customers to create customize fabric wristbands for events and festivals. Users can upload logos and text in full colour and then drag and move elements around until they are happy with the final version. We have included 34 base colours from which users can chose to start with – simple plain colours, stripey types and other eye catching designs. The online designer can be used for both simple designs and those looking for a more complex design. Click here to start to Design Fabric Wristbands in Ireland with the best prices and a production time of about 10-14 days.

Broadly speaking there are 2 popular types of Fabric Wristbands which are commonly ordered by our customers looking for a long term solution. Our online designer can be used for both types depending on the design and its level of detail. The first type are Woven wristbands, which are made by intertwining various different colours of thread to form the required design. They are very long lasting and the type found at music festivals. Woven bands are ideal for simple designs such as text in or very simple one colour logo. The other type are sub dye wristbands, sometimes known as sublimated wristbands. These use a different process where the design is imprinted or dyed directly onto the wristband surface. It is the best option for for more complicated designs with detailed logos or effects such as gradients or shadows. If unsure, our recommendation when looking to Design Fabric Wristbands is normally for sublimated wristbands. The process leads to much better print quality and is a smoother product to wear for the end user.

Below we detail a 5 step process on how to Design Fabric Wristbands in Ireland for customers availing of our new online tool. We have tried to make it as simple and straight forward as possible but if you have any difficulties at all then you can reach out to us for assistance on either or by calling 830475444. A note that for those on a deadline, our standard production time for custom printed fabric wristbands is approximately 10-14 days. Depending on scheduling we can sometimes speed this up to 7-10 days but please contact us if your order is urgent. The minimum order for fabric bands is 100 units and there are bulk discounts for any orders of 500 or more units. Click here for more information on fabric wristbands such as the common uses where they can be found and also a price list. Ordering via the site allows you to place the order with minimum fuss but users can also submit orders via email if artwork is ready. See what past customers have said about our products and service by checking out our 5* Trustpilot score with over 350 reviews.

Step 1 – Navigate to the interactive designer and select the base colour of your wristband from our 34 options
Step 2 – Use the 2 buttons to either ADD IMAGE or ADD TEXT to start building a custom design as required. Multiple lines of text and images can be used together. A reminder that the central 150mm are visible when the wristband is worn. So we recommend to keep the most important part of your design in this central area as per the example below. We have added a handy zoom button for a close up view together with an undo button which is handy for when things are not looking how you hoped.
Step 3 – Users can change the format of any text such as the colour, font, size and even edit the characters. Simply click onto the element and use the top bar to make changes as required. Similarly with images click on the element and resize, rotate or even delete as necessary. Drag any icon to move it along the band.
Step 4 – After making changes and ensuring the design is centred, customers are required to choose which type of lock or closure they want with the wristband. There are two types of closures available via the site as per the image below. For customers who want the wristband to be removed and then put back on the option is a black bead. For those using the wristband to control entrance or who do not want the wristband to be removed then the black barrel lock is the choice. Both items are the same price. Other closures such as bamboo locks are available with additional costs and we ask you to contact us for enquiries about this.
Step 5 – Once the design is confirmed and the relevant closure chosen, users are required to select the quantity of wristbands. Add to cart where the order will be summarised and from here customers can choose to add further products to the cart or move to the checkout.

In just 5 steps you can create and Design Fabric Wristbands with ease and place the order directly via our website. We have tried to keep the process as simple as possible but still allowing customers to create a unique design that suits their requirements. Whether you need a small quantity for a private event or a large order for a public venue we can assist with our Woven wristbands. The online tool allows for detailed designers and can even include QR codes. For customers looking for additional elements such as sequential numbering or barcodes please contact our sales team who will be happy to help. Artwork can be submitted directly to us in formats such as PDF, PNG or JPG along with details of the order such as quantity. The dimensions required are 350mm wide by 15mm high as standard for those making their own artwork. Wider fabric bands are also available in the size of 20mm height on request and at additional cost. For more information on custom printed fabric wristbands and how they can work for you or your organisation feel free to browse our site.

Design Fabric Wristbands
Design Fabric Wristbands – Step 2 – Start creating your unique custom design
Design Fabric Wristbands
Design Fabric Wristbands – Step 3 – Add images and text to the band
Design Fabric Wristbands Black Bead and Barrel lock
Design Fabric Wristbands – Step 4 – Select from a black bead or barrel lock