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Fabric Festival Woven Wristbands in Ireland Personalised Fanbands for events

Fabric wristbands have many different names including fan bands and even woven wristbands. They are a great long term product commonly found at multi day events such as festival’s and music events. Fabric bands come with various locking options including barrel locks, clips and aluminium beads. This gives the product great flexibility in that it can be worn only once or multiple times depending on the intended use. Custom fabric wristbands are highly durable and can be easily worn for up to four weeks even in harsh outdoor conditions. Custom fan bands come in 3 types of finish; the 2 most popular being woven and sublimated, together with silk screen printing;

  • Woven wristbands all the most classic product when thinking of Fabric wristbands. They are individually weaved using yarn on a loom and are ideal for simple designs. The woven bands look great and are very comfortable when worn
  • Sublimated wristbands are manufactured by transferring the required image onto the ribbon material directly. This method is very popular as it shows fine details and has no limits on the colours used so is ideal for complex designs and gradients
  • Silk screen wristbands are produced using special ink on a mesh of prefabricated cotton material. The costs involved mean it is a viable product for small orders but not as cheap as the two other types on larger quantities

Fabric festival wristbands are extremely difficult to reproduce and as such offer a secure option in controlling entrance to any events. Many people continue to wear the wristbands long after the event is finished and this is an added bonus in terms of brand awareness! We are delighted to have recently launched a fully interactive online designer where customers can create their unique fabric wristbands. Choose from up to 25 colours and designs as the background colour and add text and logos in full colour. Remember to keep any important text or logos in the central 150mm of the band – as this is the area that is visible when the band is worn. Production time for all custom printed fabric wristbands is approximately 2 weeks. Talk to us on live chat or email for assistance with your customized fabric wristbands.

100 €115 €115 €16
200 €150 €150 €16
500 €225 €230 €18
1000 €320 €340 €22
2000 €460 €490 €40
3000 €600 €640 €60
5000 €850 €880 €120
10000 €1,500 €1,550 €230

Fabric Wristbands Key points;

  • Available in multiple colours

  • Extremely durable

  • Minimum order 100 units

  • 10 day lead-time

  • 2 option locking mechanism

  • Full colour print at no extra cost

  • Recommend finish – sublimated

Fabric Wristbands
Overall Score: 4/5

Fabric wristbands are the most durable product on the market and are extremely popular for long term use. Woven wristbands are commonly found at music festivals and events occurring over several days. They are the perfect choice for when Tyvek wristbands are not sufficient. Fabric wristbands are made from premium material and can be worn for months. The product is fully customizable and is a one size fits all product that can be worn by both adults and children. Logos and text can be printed in full colour onto both sublimated and woven wristbands for a great result. Depending on the intended use we have a choice of locks which will allow the wristband to be removed if required. Festival bands come with a number of locking mechanisms which offer great flexibility for our clients. Fabric wristbands are also a great option as they are eco-friendly and can be recycled once used. As the wristband is often worn for weeks or months this is a great way to get your brand noticed. Bulk prices on Fabric wristbands can start at just 15c a band which makes them a great marketing tool for activations. 

 Product Score/5 Description
Pricing 4 Depending on the quantity required Fabric wristbands offer great value when ordered in bulk. Price breaks are available on orders over 500 units and can be as little as 15c a band.
Durability 5 Fabric wristbands can be worn for months and even years. They offer extreme durability in outdoor settings and are waterproof.
Customisation 5 Both woven wristbands and sublimated wristbands are fully customizable and made to order. Choose any background colour or style including gradients and add text and/or logos.
Minimum Units 4 Minimum quantity 100 units. No set up fees
Delivery Times 4 Production time for Fabric Wristbands is approximately 10 to 12 days
Branding 5 Printable area is 350mm wide where you can add your organisations logo and text. 
Security 5 Our standard barrel locks ensure that once the wristband is on it cannot be removed or tampered with – great for festivals.  

Are Fabric Wristbands for Festivals?

  • Each festival has it’s own particular theme and artwork to reflect its character and fabric wristbands can be customized to match any artwork. Add logos and text in full colour to showcase the event. Sublimated wristbands offer the best and sharpest type of finish for high detail logos or effects such as gradients.
  • Fabric wristbands can be worn for months at a time and are extremely durable. As many festivals and music events are held outdoors the product is ideal as it is waterproof and lightweight, whilst being extremely strong. Festival wristbands are a step up from the Tyvek paper wristbands as they are longer lasting.

Can Fabric wristbands be removed?

  • Woven wristbands are offered with a variety of different locking mechanisms depending on the intended use. Barrel locks ensure that once the wristband is applied it cannot be removed or transferred. Metal or plastic beads allow the wristband to be removed and reapplied for occasions such as charity events.

  • Sublimated wristbands are available to all organisers of large-scale events taking place over a number of days. For security reasons most fabric wristbands come with barrel locks to ensure that the band cannot be removed. Woven wristbands are the ideal long term wristband solution for multi day events such as conferences.

Fabric Wristbands Summary:

Nightclubs: 3/5

Nightclub operators typically host events which are mostly just taking place over one night – and in many cases just a few hours. Tyvek wristbands are the ideal product for short term use; clubs and bars tend to go with customized paper wristbands as a cheap and effective option. Fabric wristbands could be used for specific events or VIP wristbands as they are a superior product and can be worn for many weeks after the event. Sublimated wristbands are ideal for nightclubs as they can be printed in fine detail with intricate designs and backgrounds clearly visible.

Festivals: 5/5

Fabric wristbands are such a perfect fit for this type of surroundings that they are sometimes referred to as Festival wristbands! Woven wristbands are extremely durable and can be worn for weeks and sometimes months at a time even in outdoor environments. They are completely waterproof and tamperproof when used with a barrel lock meaning that the wristband cannot be transferred once applied. The eco-friendly component of Fabric wristbands mean it is a firm favorite with festival organisers and for anyone hosting an event taking place over a number of days.

Charities: 3/5

Most charities tend to opt for Silicone wristbands as these are the most popular and well-known product for fundraising. Fabric wristbands do have a number of benefits over silicone wristbands with one of them being price. For charities working with a tight budget, fabric bands are cheaper on orders of over 1,000 units. Additionally, whilst silicone wristbands come in a number of different sizes for adults and children, woven wristbands are a one size fits all product. Charities looking at Fabric wristbands should choose a removable lock so that people can remove the wristband and reapply it when they want.

Hotels: 3/5

With the hotel and hospitality sector growing as an industry in Ireland we supply a number of businesses with Vinyl wristbands for long term guests. The plastic wristbands are durable and waterproof but can sometimes cause irritation to guests and as such Fabric wristbands are a viable alternative. Sublimated wristbands are also waterproof and can be printed in full colour including fine detail and logos. With a barrel lock the wristband cannot be removed or tampered with ensuring that the security of guests and staff. For customized hotel wristbands, fabric bands offer a cost-effective product with a lead-time of just 10 days for those tight deadlines.

Events: 4/5

Customized event wristbands are a huge part of our business as we suggest which product is ideal for each individual event. For short term events taking place over 1-2 days then the most popular and cheapest option are the custom printed Tyvek wristbands. Fabric wristbands are the best alternative when the event is likely to last anything over 2 days as they are highly durable and can be worn for weeks. The product can be fully personalized and include print in full colour such as text and logos. Depending on the type of event there are a number of locking mechanisms which allow the wristband to be removed if required.

Wristband Locks

See above an image of the available locks and beads for Fabric Wristbands. As standard we supply the wristbands with either a black barrell lock LN006 which means that the wristband cannot be removed after it is worn. We can also supply a black bead LN001 which allows for the band to be removed and worn again at a later stage. For other variations such as bamboo locks, metal locks or any other type speak to us and we can quote on a specific basis. 

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