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Custom Printed Vinyl Wristbands in Ireland 
Plastic Wristbands ideal for Hotels + events

Vinyl wristbands are commonly referred to as plastic wristbands and can be found at various venues including hotels for their medium to long term guests. The product is extremely long lasting and made from highly durable material meaning it can be worn for up to four weeks. Custom printed plastic wristbands are 100% waterproof and the print remains intact even when exposed to water and direct sunlight. The wristbands are used by organisations and venues when the expected time to be worn is greater than 3 days and Tyvek is not enough. Customers can print logos and text onto the band and the product is popular with schools which print emergency contact details. Hotels use vinyl wristbands to distinguish a guests status such as bed and breakfast, full board, all-inclusive. The most popular types of custom printed vinyl wristbands are;

  • Regular L shaped is the standard vinyl wristband which is the most popular product. Available in over 20 colour options and is the most cost-effective product
  • Narrow vinyl wristbands are a slightly smaller version of the standard size. It is more comfortable when worn but offers a smaller printable area
  • Wide faced wristbands are larger than the standard size and offer a bigger printable area for additional lines of text or logos
  • Tabbed vinyl wristbands offer detachable tabs onto the standard L shaped size. These are often used as drink or food tokens with up to 7 tabs available

Custom printed vinyl wristbands come with a self-locking mechanism which is 100% tamper proof and ensures once the wristband is applied it cannot be transferred or removed. This brings peace of mind to the venue or organization that only those permitted entry with a wristband can attend and use the facilities. One standard size fits both adults and children and the wristband can be easily applied within seconds. Our artwork team will be able to work with you in creating and finalising your customised vinyl wristband design including text and logos. Smaller orders are normally produced within one week from confirmation, while larger orders take up to 2 weeks. Contact us on live chat or email for more information about how vinyl wristbands can work for your organisation or venue.

Quantity Price Shipping
100 €110 €16
200 €160 €17
300 €195 €18
500 €275 €20
1,000 €380 €28
2,000 €540 €48
3,000 €660 €75
5,000 €900 €140
10,000 €1,500 €260
Key points for Vinyl Wristbands


  • Minimum order 100 units
  • 10-14 day lead-time
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Nontransferable
  • Extremely durable
  • 4 wristband types available
  • Detachable tab option
  • Fully waterproof

Vinyl Wristbands

Overall Score: 3/5

Vinyl wristbands are a great product for long term use and hold up well even in the harshest of conditions. They are predominantly found in hotels, where they are worn by long term guests to identify their board basis and entitlements. Many hotels use different coloured vinyl wristbands for All inclusive, full board, bed & breakfast basis. Plastic wristbands are a step up in quality and durability from Tyvek wristbands and can be worn for weeks and even months at time. The plastic wristbands are available in plain colours and can also be full customized to include text and logos as required. Contact us with your required artwork or text and we can work on a free visual proof. The most common type of vinyl wristband is the L shaped band which is offered in one standard size for both adults and children. Additionally, we offer removable tabs that are connected to the wristband and can be removed and exchanged for drinks or food commonly. Vinyl wristbands can be recycled after use and are a great long-lasting product for all conditions. Production time for customized plastic wristbands is approximately 14 days from confirmation of order. Bulk prices start at just 15c per band including custom print.

 Product Score/5 Description
Pricing 3 Prices for smaller quantities are competitive when compared to other products. But unit price for larger orders does not decrease much over 1,000 units.
Durability 5 Extremely long-lasting product that can be worn for months in outdoor environments and subject to water and sun. Made from strong plastic.
Customisation 4 Vinyl Wristbands are fully customizable and can include logos and text. Standard price is for one colour print, with extra costs for additional colours.
Minimum Units 4 Minimum quantity 100 units. No set up fees.
Delivery Times 3 Production time for Vinyl Wristbands is approximately 14 days.
Branding 4 Printable area of standard L shaped band is 15mm high * 110mm wide where you can add logo and text.
Security 5 Vinyl wristbands are supplied with a standard self sealing lock which cannot be removed once applied. Extremely strong and resistant for long periods.

How much do Vinyl wristbands cost?

  • The cost of custom printed vinyl wristbands depends on the quantity ordered. The minimum quantity is 100 units and the cost is €110 plus delivery. The unit price reduces considerably when increasing the total number of bands ordered with 1,000 units working out to €380. Customized vinyl wristbands have a production time of approximately 14 days.
  • We also offer plain L shaped vinyl wristbands which are ready for immediate dispatch from our offices. The most popular plastic wristband colours such as red, yellow, green, white and yellow are held in stock and a quote can be provided on request. Together with L shaped vinyl bands we also provide narrow and wide faced wristbands, together with detachable tabs.

Are Vinyl wristbands used at hotels?

  • Vinyl wristbands are the ideal product for use at hotels as they are long lasting and can be used to identify guests and any privileges. They are completely waterproof and also tamperproof, making them ideal for guests making use of hotel pools and spas. Personalized vinyl wristbands offer hotels the opportunity to add their logo and website onto the bands for added exposure and security.
  • While vinyl wristbands are most commonly used at hotels, they can also be found at many other events or venues. With their long-lasting durability, the product is ideal for attendees at trade fairs or conferences lasting a number of days. Many marketing companies also use tabbed vinyl wristbands for activations where the tabs can be exchanged for goods or gifts.

Vinyl Wristbands Summary:

Nightclubs: 3/5

Bars and Nightclubs do occasionally use Vinyl Wristbands as they can be fitted with ‘tabs’ which can be redeemed for food or other refreshments. This feature is often used where guests or attendees are entitled to a certain number of refreshments free of charge or as part of the entrance fee before additional charges apply thereafter. Vinyl wristbands are not transferable so this makes them well suited to Bars and Nightclubs.

Festivals: 4/5

Festivals and other multi day events often use Vinyl Wristbands as Vinyl bands have a useful life which matches the duration of many festivals. Tyvek Wristbands do not last long enough for events lasting 2+ days and this is where Vinyl Wristbands can become the ideal option. Most Festivals will be looking for a non transferable wristband and Vinyl also fits the bill. For this reason, Vinyl Wristbands are often found at Festivals and other multi day events across Ireland.

Charities: 2/5

Charities generally make use of a flexible Wristband such as a Silicone or Fabric Band which can be removed and reapplied as required by the wearer. Vinyl Wristbands could be a suitable option for a Charity hosting a particular event or fund raising marathon lasting 2+ days. For a more traditional purpose such as raising awareness about a particular charity or cause then a Silicone Wristband would be a better option for Charities.

Hotels: 5/5

Vinyl Wristbands are often the perfect match for Hotels and this is why they are used extensively at Hotels across Ireland (and beyond). Vinyl wristbands can carry the Name and logo of the relevant hotel printed to ensure the wearer is entitled to facilities. Many hotels use different coloured Vinyl Wristbands to indicate the board basis which a guest enjoys. Vinyl Wristbands easily last 7+ days which means one single Wristband will cover a hotel guest for their entire stay.

Events: 3/5

Depending on the length and nature of an event, a Vinyl Wristband could be an ideal solution. Due to the fact Vinyl Wristbands are completely waterproof and easily last 7+ days they could be perfect for a number of events which might struggle to utilise another variety of Wristband. Vinyl Wristbands are non transferable which ensures that only those attendees who have been verified as paid/ticketed will be able to acquire a Wristband. 

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