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Paper wristbands are the cheapest and most popular product available on the market as they offer a secure and cost-effective entry management system for businesses and individuals. The product is made from a mixture of paper and Tyvek material which when combined brings about the strength and lightweight flexibility that the wristband offers. Once applied it cannot be removed without showing clear signs of tampering meaning that the band cannot be transferred to third parties. The specifically designed adhesive area ensures that the band can only be used once and any attempt to reapply the band will not be successful.

Also known as Tyvek wristbands, they are an ideal short-term entry management solution used most commonly at one off events lasting 1-2 days. They are normally used to control access and entitlement to certain areas such as back stage access, VIP access, guest list, open bar, etc. Plain paper wristbands allow easy identification at events for security staff and organisers whilst also offering customisation by adding printed details such as text and logos. Our interactive online designer encourages uses to create a unique wristband design by choosing one of our 19 wristband colors and adding up to 2 lines of text in several fonts. For those wishing to add further customisation, logos can be uploaded too and positioned together with text onto the printable area of the band.

In order to guarantee delivery of both plain and printed wristbands we hold over 1 million wristbands in stock at anytime. Selecting our express delivery service, orders placed before 12pm are normally delivered the next working day, ensuring that those customers on a tight deadline receive their bands before the event. As is very common with large scale events, if the number of attendees increases just before the scheduled date, we will be able to supply you with additional bands with 1-2 days production and delivery time. Minimum orders of 10 units are in place for paper wristbands, with the cost starting from €10 for 100 printed units and €5 for 100 plain units. We offer the cheapest wristband prices in Ireland and the highest quality product in terms of strength and richness of colour and supply 1-inch (25mm) Tyvek wristbands as standard. ¾ inch (19mm) are also available on request. To create your unique wristband design, click here and start adding text and logos as applicable. To order plain wristbands click here. Talk to us on live chat to find out how paper wristbands can work for your business or event.

Price for Paper Wristbands

Units Per unit Price
100 10c €10
200 10c €20
500 9c €45
1,000 8c €80
2,000 7c €140
5,000 5.5c €275
10,000 4.5c €450

We offer both Plain and Printed Paper Tyvek Wristbands to customers all across Ireland at the best prices. Our stock levels ensure that we can have this type of wristband delivered to customers in 1-3 days after an order is placed. With over 25 different colour options to choose from there is something for every type of event or venue. Paper Wristbands in Ireland are a one size fits all product; so they fit adult, teenagers and children all the same. The printable area is about 150mm * 20mm and we recommend to print logos and text in black colour. Our interactive online designer allows users to upload logos and text and get a live preview of how the band will appear. Speak to our sales team today about how Tyvek wristbands can work for your organisation and join in the hundreds of other venues who use this product on a daily basis. Our 5* Trustpilot score with over 600 reviews shows what previous customers say about our service and products. 

What are Paper Wristbands?

They are also known as Tyvek wristbands or event wristbands. They are priduced using a special mixture of paper and plastic which means they are very strong and durable. Paper wristbands are very common at ticketed events and popular venues. They are used to control entrances and access or to distinguish groups of people. Paper wristbands are the most popular product and used all across Ireland on a daily basis.

How long can Paper Wristbands be worn?

They are only meant to be worn for short term use and will start to show signs of wear and tear after the 2nd day. They are completely waterproof and once it is applied the wristband cannot be removed or transferred to a third party. Paper wristbands are ideal for use for 1-2 days only – after which time they will wear down. Paper wristbands are a one time use product with a secure seal which cannot be broken without clear visible signs.

How much are Paper Wristbands?

Cheap wristbands are available in both plain and printed varieties from our website. The minimum order for both products is just 100 units. This makes it ideal for small private events or large scale festivalsevents. 100 Plain Tyvek wristbands are €5 and 100 Printed Paper wristbands are €10. There are no setup fees charged on any order no matter the size. Discounts are available on orders over 500 units. Click here for a full price list of all products.

What colour are Paper Wristbands?

With over 1 million bands in stock at anytime we have a wide range of colours available. There are currently 15 different solid colours, available to purchase through the site as either plain or with customized print. We are also now pleased to offer an additional 5 stripey colours which are the perfect way to control special access such as backstage areas. Simply chose which colour paper wristband you require at the first step of the design process and continue to checkout.

How can I order Paper Wristbands?

Plain Wristbands are available for dispatch the same day they are ordered by clicking here. Those looking for customized Paper wristbands can start creating a unique design using our interactive designer. Start off by choosing the desired colour of the wristband and then add text and logos as required. Our fast and cheap Paper wristbands will be delivered the next working day if express shipping is chosen.

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