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Custom Wristbands – Which product is right for me?

With so many different types of identity solutions out there, it is often difficult to work out which Custom Wristbands are best for you or your business. With over 10 years of experience in the industry we are ideally placed to assist you with your requirements. Whether you are planning a small private event such as a birthday party or a large scale ticketed festival our staff are on hand to offer guidance and suggestions. One of the first questions to ask when deciding which product is best suited for you is when do you require the bands? 

If it is within the next 7 days then really the only option available are tyvek wristbands which can be produced and delivered within 24 hours. That’s right, we can supply both plain and printed wristbands the next working day when ordered online by 12pm. Using our express courier service in major cities such as Dublin, Cork and Galway these 24 hour wristbands are great for last minute orders. If the deadline is not so tight and the event is taking place in a few weeks time then this opens up various other options such as fabric wristbands. All of our products are fully customizable and can be designed to fit with any particular tastes such as to wear white wristbands or to include glow in the dark stars!

What colours are available?

Many customers look to try and match the colour of the band to the colour of their organisation, team or business. We have a huge variety of colour options on all products to ensure that the end product resonates with the target audience. Our paper wristbands are available in 19 different colours including our most popular and vibrant neon colours such as orange and yellow. These are great to stand out in environments such as nightclubs or bars when light levels are normally low. We stock such a large number of colours so that we can accommodate the seasonal requests such as Halloween, Christmas and other events. Of course the festive season sees a huge spike in orders for red and gold bands to go with the theme. Due to our production method, we are not able to print onto black tyvek wristbands. This product is only available for plain orders due to current restrictions. 

Our silicone wristbands are available in any pantone colour and can be matched with any requested colour. Infact at a small additional charge we can create plastic wristbands with more than one base colour such as black and white. We also offer a rainbow wristband which is made up of all of the primary colours that make up a rainbow. Charities sometimes choose pink as a colour associated with health, wellbeing and fundraising. Rubber wristbands can also be made to glow in the dark by coating them in a layer of UV paint at the final production stage. This is a great effect and very commonly used by parents looking for party wristbands for their kids! Who needs glow sticks when you can wear glow in the dark wristbands customized with names and even dates? These type of bands are sometimes known as rubber wristbands and are created using a special mould and then finished with either printed text or colourfil. Additional costs are involved when adding more than one colour to the finalised design. 

Do wristbands come in different sizes?

Almost all of the products we are supply adhere to a one size fits all category in that they can be adjusted to fit both adults and children. Vinyl wristbands, paper and cloth wristbands are all fully adjustable and the locking mechanism will fit the wrist of the wearer no matter the size. This feature makes them highly secure and also allows for organisers to order only one variation of size. Sometimes referred to as rubber wristbands, these are not adjustable and customers need to choose which size they require. With a mix of different childrens sizes our sales team can assist in getting the right type of band for the intended age range. As each different band is made from a different mould it is best for customers to be as accommodating as possible when choosing a silicone custom wristband with a message. 

What wristbands are available in Ireland?

All of the products listed on our website are available for purchase and delivery to all counties in the Republic of Ireland. Customers choosing for economy post option will have the product delivered by AnPost, whilst those opting for express post will have a tracked courier delivery. Customized event wristbands can be printed in full colour to include text, logos, social media icons and even barcodes and variable data such as QR codes. Whilst many companies outsource their production to other companies in the United States, we are proud to supply our Tyvek bands in house. That is why we are able to dispatch the bands to customers in Ireland and also Northern Ireland at such short notice.

How do I order wristbands online?

To order custom printed tyvek wristbands simply move to our interactive designer where you will select the colour of the band and start to create a unique design. Add text and logos in full colour as the screen will show a live preview of how the final product will be printed. Click here to use our interactive designer and order customized festival wristbands. For other products such as charity wristbands please email us the relevant details and we will create a digital proof for your feedback. Production times vary depending on the product involved but most commonly the expected timeframe is 10-12 days for these types of wristbands. Contact us today to see how wristbands can work for you and your organisation.

The most popular type of custom wristband in Ireland is the Tyvek paper variety which are the cheapest and fastest. They are commonly used at venues such as nightclubs, water parks, sports stadium and places where entrance needs to be managed or controlled. We have over 25 different colours to choose from and all of them can be customized to include text and logos and even QR codes. They are supplied in 1-3 days from when they are ordered which is perfect for people on a tight deadline but they are limited in terms of what can be printed. For customers looking at a full colour print including effect such as gradients then the best option are Fabric Wristbands which can be sublimated to produce all kinds of effects. Our sales team can assist with any questions you may have about custom wristbands in Ireland and we look forward to assisting you.