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Fabric Wristband prices in Ireland

Cheap Woven Wristbands – Fast Festival Wristbands with best prices

Please find below a pricelist outlining the cost of our two most popular types of fabric wristbands. Woven wristbands are most commonly found at music festivals and multi day events where the highly durable product can be worn for days and even weeks. This type of band is produced using a number of different threads all woven together to create the finish article. Woven bands are the perfect product for simple designs with just text or one colour logos and are seen as a much longer lasting product than Tyvek wristbands. The second type of festival wristband that we supply to customers are sublimated wristbands. Also known as dye sub wristbands these bands are produced with a technique that dyes the base material with the desired design. These types of wristbands are ideal for detailed artwork such as fine logos with mulitple colours and/or for effects such as shadows and gradients. Click here to visit our online interactive tool to create customized Fabric Wristbands including text and logos in full colour. A note that sublimated bands are slightly faster in the production process so if you require fast fabric wristbands in Ireland then that would definitely be our suggestion to ensure that we meet even the tightest of deadlines.

100 €1.15 €16.00
200 €0.70 €16.00
300 €0.60 €18.00
500 €0.40 €18.00
1000 €0.32 €22.00
2000 €0.23 €40.00
3000 €0.20 €60.00
5000 €0.17 €120.00
10000 €0.15 €230.00

Key points about our Fabric Wristbands;


  • Cheapest fabric wristbands in Ireland with prices starting from just 15c per band
  • Customized your festival wristband with print available in full colour for logos and text
  • No setup fees for any orders no matter the size
  • Minimum quantity of just 100 units for personalized wristbands in both woven and sublimated finishes
  • Chose any colour solid colour options and even select graidents and styles on sublimated wristbands
  • Different lock options available to make the wristband one time use (barrel) or removable (bead)
  • Production time 10-12 days with express shipping
  • Can be worn for weeks and even months
  • Sequential numbering and variable data can be added

More information on fabric wristbands such as case studies for particular industries can be found by clicking here. At Wristbands Ireland we never charge any setup fees or plates for orders of any size. As such we are able to offer high quality fabric wristbands at the most competitive prices. Together with our chosen courirs we are able to supply customers in Dublin and surrounding areas together with other cities such as Cork, Galway and Limerick. With our Express shipping option we aim to deliver fabric orders within 10-12 days of receiving the order. The pricing table below shows the unit cost of each type of wristband together with price breaks at where the unit price becomes cheaper. Chose the desired quantity of bands that you require and mulitply that by the unit price to get the total order price and add shipping cost. The minimum order for fabric wristbands it just 100 units of any design with the unit price of just over €1 per piece. To achieve cheaper wristband prices increase the order size to over 500 units and the price per unit reduces to just 45c per band!

The wristband prices below are quoted for Fabric wristbands with a dimension of 350mm width and 15mm in height. We also supply wider types of bands that are can be either 20mm or 25mm at additional costs. Contact us to discuss the best options for your event or festival and we can deal with your quote on an individual basis. Woven wristbands are offered in a variety of colours and we normally suggest to clients to use a maximum of 4 colour threads for the best outcomes. Sublimated designs can include a full spectrum of colours and even detailed effects or logos. Fabric bands have a number of different locking options depending on the intended use. The most common type is the plastic barrel lock, offered in both white and black. This lock ensures that the band cannot be removed once applied and is used mostly at private fuctions where the band acts as security. We also supply metal beads, also known as sliders, which allow for the band to be removed and replaced when required. A common request nowadays is a bamboo lock which is made out of recycled bamboo material and is available at additional costs.

With the youth of today very much focussed on the environment, many event organisers are now looking at their carbon footprint and aiming to host carbon neutral events. We are proud to offer recycled wristbands as part of our list of products and these come in the form of rPET bands, also known as recycled Polyethylene terephthalate. These eco-friendly wristbands are made from recycled plastic and are becoming more popular with large scale festivals in Ireland looking to do their part for the environment. Fabric wristbands are ideal for multi day events, nightclubs, hotels, waterparks and any venue looking to give a long term souveneir to a guest. Contact us today to see how Fabric wristbands can work for your organisation by completing the quick quote form below and someone will get back to you. Alternatively scroll to the bottom of the page and either send us an email or talk to us via live chat for more details and any queries.