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Wristbands Ireland is very proud to launch our brand new Biodegradable Wristbands onto the local market. It is a product we have been working on for 3 years and after much testing we feel it is ready for use. The bands are made from top quality and durable paper and can be recycled at local facilities. The product is a big step forward for organsiers and venues who are looking to reduce their environmental impact. Customers have asked for a product that is cost effective, tamperproof and that contains no plastic. This fits the criteria nicely as the prices re very similar to tyvek – making them the cheapest wristbands in Ireland. 

It is almost identical to the standard tyvek wristband – however these bands do not include the plastic material. They are still very strong and can be worn for up to 48 hours with only minimal signs of wear and tear. Once they are worn they cannot be removed or transferred, making them ideal for entrance control at venues such as nightclubs, zoos, sports stadiums, schools and others. The one main difference is that these Biodegradable Wristbands cannot come into contact with water, as this will mean they start to degrade and will eventually fall off. Read on for further details and technical specifications of the product. 

Biodegradable Wristbands in Ireland
Biodegradable Wristbands

These Sustainable Wristbands are a great step forward for any customers looking to have a strong and durable product but without using any plastic. It is made from high quality paper which gives the strength and structure. Our bio degradable bands in Ireland are ideal for use in settings that are not likely to come into contact with water – so mostly anything at indoor venues. We recommend the product as a fantastic alternative to tyvek bands as they are very similar but do not include any plastic material. You get the best of both worlds in this regard – offering a durable product without having any plastic. 

Eco Friendly Wristbands are available in a variety of different formats and at Wristbands Ireland we are delighted to offer a range for our customers. This page contains information about our Biodegradable Wristbands – which are made from paper. We also offer Fabric Wristbands made from recycled plastic that can be designed and ordered via our website. Add logos and text in full colour and choose to have a locked closure or a removable one. Additionally we supply tyvek wristbands – that can be used in and around water – in a litter free variation. Speak to our sales team today about which type of wristband best suits your requirements. 

See below a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Biodegradable Wristbands

How much are Biodegradable Wristbands?

The prices for printed bands start at 12c per wristband for a minimum quantity of 100 units. Bulk discounts are available for orders over 1,000 and 5,000 units where the price reduces to just 6c per band. For plain Biodegradable Wristbands the prices are 6c per band plus shipping. We have the best price for all types of wristbands – both plain and printed. 

Are Biodegradable Wristbands strong?

Yes, Biodegradable Wristbands are very strong and cannot be removed or transferred once they are put on the wrist. They can be worn for up to 48 hours without any serious wear and tear. The product is very similar in terms of look and feel to the tyvek bands – and they are similarly strong too. The only drawback they have is that on contact with water they are likely to degrade and loose strength and structure. 

Are the wristbands Biodegradable?

Yes our wristbands are biodegradable under the same conditions as paper is, because it is made up of just paper. There are no coatings or other materials included in the production method. So the product is readily compostable. The best conditions are wet, moist and damp and this website has some useful information on how paper wristbands can biodegrade.

Can they be recycled?

Yes, Biodegradable Wristbands can be recycled at your local facility and can be included with other paper or cardboard items. The product is made from just paper, meaning it can be recycled in the same way that similar products are. Speak to your local provider about any specific requirements they may have in ensuring that the wristbands can be recycled after they have been used. 

See below a list of Key points about our Biodegradable Wristbands including what they are made of and some technical specifications. If you have further questions about the product please send us an email on and our team will get back to you promptly. 

  • Product Description and Applications
    Biodegradable Wristbands are a durable alternative to tyvek wristbands – however they do not include any plastic. They are made from high strength paper material that is fully recyclable and also bio degradable. Under the correct conditions (those similar to paper) it is also compostable. They are the most earth friendly wristbands available on the market currently and we are very proud to launch this product after months of developement.
  • This product is made under strict guidelines and in a controlled setting. The material that forms the wristband is FSC paper.
  • Our Biodegradable wristbands are available in a wide variety of colours including our most popular colours such as neon yellow, neon green, neon orange, white and red. We will add additional colours in the near future.
  • As the product development continues we will shortly offer the compostable wristbands in a litter-free format. This means that the detachable tab which covers the adhesive area will stick to the wristband and not fly away.
  • Our Biodegradable Wristbands are flood coloured and pre-printed with sequential numbers for added security and peace of mind for all customers. 
  • This product is available in both plain and printed versions, allowing customers to add their logo, text or other details as required. The print sets into the paper material and is very sharp with our specialised print method. The wristband colour and any print on the wristband is long lasting and will remain clearly visible for as long as the wristband is worn under normal conditions. 
  • Storage Guidelines
    We recommend keeping this product out of direct sunlight and at room temperatures of about 20°C for long lasting effects. Prolonged storage at higher or lower temperatures – or direct sunlight for a long period of time – may affect the shelf-life of this
  • On contact with water or dampness this product will quickly loose its structure and the ink will fade. Biodegradable Wristbands are to be avoided in areas where water is likely to be present. 
  • Recyclability
    Biodegradable Wristbands are made from FSC paper and this FSC certified paper can be widely recycled at local community centres and waste disposal sites. 


Please note that Biodegradable Wristbands in Ireland are not suitable for use in or around water. The product is made from sustainable paper material and therefore does not have the same waterproof characteristics as the standard tyvek wristbands. Biodegradable Wristbands can be worn for up to 48 hours in dry conditions and can withstand normal wear and tear. However it is important to note that the band will loose some of its structure on contact with water. The product is a suitable alternative for nightclubs, schools, sports stadia, tours and other instances where it is unlikely to be in contact with water. 

For urgent orders or any queries about this type of wristband please contact us via live chat or on 83047 5444. We will be able to answer any questions you have and offer advice as to which type of tyvek wristband is best suited for your event or venue. We are able to offer timed deliveries by midday to certain locations in Dublin depending on the Eircode. We also offer a limited Saturday delivery service for certain locations. Additional charges for these services apply. Speak to the sales team about how Biodegradable Wristbands can work for your organisation today.