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Personalized Wristbands in Ireland are hugely popular as they can be customized to include text, logos and even QR codes or social media icons. Due to the nature of the wristband industry, the vast majority of customers need and want a personalised design to ensure that only those with the correct credentials are granted access to a specific event or area. Infact many event organisers are using wristbands as a physical ticket to show at the entrance to gain entry. With our online interactive designer customers can make their own wristband including logos and event text to ensure the band is unique for only their event or venue. We can print in full colour and even include variable data such as barcodes or QR codes for additional security and personalization.

Plain Wristbands are useful to a certain extent, but these are widely available and provide little security in terms of event access. Persons can use plain wristbands to enter a venue that they are not authorised if they find out what colour band is being used. For this reason, customized wristbands in Ireland have become very popular with most customers designing their own custom printed band. Wristbands Ireland provide our customers the opportunity to personalize all the different types of Wristbands including Tyvek, Paper, Fabric, Silicone, Vinyl and even Recycled/RPET Wristbands. This flexibility reassures our Customers that they are the only people who can purchase/hold a particular wristband design which is only available to them. We have recently begun producing personalized lanyards which can also be fully customised with Company details such as Name, Logo, and website.

How do I order Custom Printed Wristbands;

5 steps to make your own wristband;


  • Choose the colour of the wristband you require from our 25 different options
  • Add text as required and select type of font and size to fill the wristband
  • Add any image or logo in full colour and position on the band as required
  • Our online designer will show you a preview of your wristband design and any changes can be made
  • Select the quantity of units required and move to the cart and checkout stage to complete the purchase

Our most popular Personalised Wristband product is the Tyvek Wristband. These paper bands are extremely common at entertainment establishments who need to control door access. These can be found at venues across Ireland including nightclubs, bars, hotels, zoos, swimming pools are many other places. By clicking here you can begin to design your own Wristband after selecting the base colour of the Wristband you would like. We offer 19 different colour options with our most popular choices being gold wristbands, white wristbands and neon wristbands. The interactive designer can include several lines of text and users can upload a logo or image in addition to the text. Social icons and details/links can also be included making the design tool extremely flexible. A live preview will appear on the site showing how the band will look when printed. Please note that any colours used in  the design must be darker than the Wristband itself. Any element of a design which is white will be the colour of the Wristband as we cannot print in White ink. Personalised event wristbands can be ordered with a minimum order of just 100 Units which accommodates even the smallest of events at a cost of just €10.00. For best results we suggest Black or Dark print on a light/bright coloured Wristband which gives a stark contrast and a sharp looking finish. For cheap personalized wristbands in Ireland bulk discounts are available on orders over 500 units with even better prices for over 1,000 units.

Event Wristbands can also be made of Fabric which are a popular option for longer lasting events taking place over a number of days or even weeks. There are different variations of a Fabric band including Woven wristbands or Sublimated wristbands. We can even offer Bamboo or Recycled plastic RPET Fabric Wristbands with customised designs. This type of Wristband has become extremely popular with events or Music Festivals which last 2 or more days. Fabric wrist bands can be customised with text, logos, icons, social logos and/or details among other things. Variable data such as QR codes, sequential numbering and Barcodes can also be included on all types of personalised Fabric Wristbands.

Click here to order custom printed fabric wristbands in Ireland with the best prices and a minimum quantity of just 100 units. Chose from a removable metal bead or a non removable plastic barrel lock so that the band cannot be transferred or removed. Woven wristbands are a perfect solution for long lasting events and bulk discounts are available for orders over 1,000 units. Personalized fabric wristbands have a production time of 10-12 days with express shipping included. Order Personalized Wristbands in Ireland by proceeding with the button below.

Charity Wristbands can also benefit from personalized designs to help them make a visual impact. Many sports teams and clubs personalise this type of Wristband to create Team Wristbands or Club Wristbands for their specific organisation. Designs can be personalised and either Printed or Debossed or Embossed onto the Wristband. Text and logos can all be included in full colour as required for a fully customised product. For finer details we suggest a Printed finish which we cannot achieve with a Debossed or Embossed Wristband. Several sizes are available including both adults and children wristbands and the width can be adjusted to ensure that the entirety of your design will fit comfortably onto the Silicone Wristband.

Many local charities in Ireland use this type of personalised Wristband to spread awareness about the good causes they are working for. Silicone wristbands can be removed and reapplied at anytime so this makes them perfect for volunteers or supporters of a charity to wear them with pride at the right occasion. Speak to us about how we can create your personalized charity wristband today and start raising funds or awareness. Together with charities, we have many orders for custom printed silicone wristbands from GAA clubs around the country. Click here for more info on Gaelic Athletic Association or GAA wristbands and how you can add your clubs crest and team name. 

How do you customise wristbands?
Tyvek Paper Wristbands can be Customised or personalised by clicking Here and starting the design process. For Fabric, Silicone and Vinyl Wristbands please email so we can prepare and send to you a visual proof to review on screen.
Can you print on wristbands?
All of the Wristbands we offer can be Personalised or Customised with print. Tyvek Wristbands can be printed and despatched Same Day for delivery within 24 hours. Other types of Wristbands such as Vinyl, Fabric and Silicone can all be Printed but take longer to produce. Just choose the type of Wristband you need and let us know what you need printed on it!
How much are Personalized Wristbands in Ireland?
Different types of Personalised Wristbands all have different prices. To review our prices please Click Here and see which Wristband type best suits your budget. 100 Customised Tyvek Wristbands are just €10.00 plus delivery charge so having your personalised design is within reach for even the smallest event or budget.

How do I order custom printed wristbands?

Custom Printed Tyvek Wristbands are available by Clicking Here and selecting a Wristband Colour. If you wish to order custom printed Vinyl, Fabric or Silicone Wristbands please email us on and we can send you a visual proof to confirm.