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Festival Wristbands

Fabric Festival Wristbands are a hugely popular product that is both eco friendly and also very comfortable to wear. So much so that often people keep wearing the wristband for weeks or event months after the event has taken place. This shows both the comfort and extreme durability that fabric wristbands offer. The woven production method means that the wristband can be worn for weeks, rather than a few days with some of our other products. Festival wristbands are waterproof and have a number of locking options meaning they can be removed and reapplied if necessary. Our customised festival wristbands are strong, secure and lightweight, perfect for multi-day events.

Festival Wristbands are commonly thought of as the woven finish. We also offer sublimated fabric wristbands and these are often suggested when the design has intricate details or gradients of colour. Both methods are highly versatile and long lasting, offering endless design possibilities to ensure the wristband clearly shows the logo / text as required. Depending on the intended use of the wristband there are two popular types of lock mechanisms which offer either a non removable, tamperproof solution (ideal for Festivals and ticketed events for security reasons) or a removable solution (ideal for fundraising or as gifts).

Customized Festival Wristbands are a longer lasting and more secure option to Tyvek bands and can be available approximately 2 weeks after an order is confirmed. Click here and navigate to our online designer tool where users can upload logos and text and get a live preview of how the wristband would appear on screen. 

Custom Festival Wristbands
Custom Festival Wristbands

Please note that production time for Custom Fabric Wristbands is approximately two weeks from when the order is placed.

If you have a deadline sooner than two weeks we offer a Super Express production method which takes approximately 6-10 days. This option is available in the cart section and can be chosen at that stage.

Please contact our sales team if you have any specific deadline so that we can confirm which production method is possible. 

Silicone Wristbands for Festivals

Score: 3/5

Summary: Silicone wristbands are not commonly found at festivals or at multi day events in general. They can be worn for many months but most festival’s are ticketed events where the wristbands are used to control entrance. A silicone wristband does not offer a security feature, therefore they are not an ideal product for such an event.



  • Silicone wristbands can be worn for many months and are highly durable, being offered in many different colours. They can be removed and reapplied depending on the situation and this flexibility is a key point.
  • Festival organisers can print their logo and motto onto the wristband and even include sponsor logos. As a branding tool, customised silicone wristbands are great for festival environments but should be worn in conjunction with either Tyvek or Fabric wristbands which offer a security element to them.


  • Plastic wristbands can be removed by the wearer and given to 3rd parties. If the wristband is being used to gain access to the site, then this can cause problems and potential safety issues at festival venues.
  • Silicone wristbands are not the cheapest product available on the market and there are similar products which can be produced at a cheaper price and in a faster time frame.

Tyvek Wristbands for Festivals

Score: 3/5

Summary: Tyvek wristbands are suited only for short term festivals lasting up to a weekend. Any longer and the print will start to fade and the band will start to look somewhat dated. Paper wristbands are fully waterproof and can be used in outdoor settings but they will detiriorate after 48 hours. For longer term use we suggest the Fabric Woven Wristbands.



  • Can be ordered for small minimum quantities to gain special access such as backstae staff / press / crew / etc
  • Wristband can be applied very fast to ensure smooth flow at entrances
  • Waterproof and tamperproof – ideal for outdoor environments including rain


  • Paper wristbands are not suited for long term use – and festivals can sometimes last up to a week. As such they are not ideal for festivals that cover a number of days.
  • Many attendees of festivals like to wear the wristband long after the event is over – and this is not possible with Tyvek.
Recycled Festival Wristbands
RFID Festival Wristbands

Fabric Wristbands for Festivals

Score: 5/5

Summary: Fabric wristbands are sometimes referred to as festival wristbands as that is the most common use for the product. They are ideal for long term use in outdoor environments as they are waterproof as well as tamper proof. Organisers can customize the wristband and include logos and text in full colour. Festival wristbands often are used to distinguish between groups of people such as weekend guests, camping, day guests and VIP areas.



  • Any music festival lasting more than 2 days will struggle to find a better product then Fabric wristbands – highly durable, cheap and eco friendly.
  • Woven wristbands are waterproof, tamper proof and allow easy identification of guests and their entitlements. Add your festival logo to ensure guests wear the wristband long after the event takes place and gain free exposure!


  • Smaller festivals will find the unit cost relatively high when compared with Tyvek wristbands – but prices on bulk orders over 500 units reduce dramatically

Vinyl Wristbands for Festivals

Score: 4/5

Summary: Vinyl Wristbands are becoming increasingly popular at Festivals in addition to or instead of Fabric Wristbands. Vinyl bands have the benefit of lasting for 7+ days which should easily cover the duration of most Festivals. It could be argued that Fabric Wristbands are more comfortable for prolonged wear which might give Fabric a slight advantage over Vinyl. Tabbed Vinyl are also available and perfectly suited for Festivals.



  • Vinyl Wristbands are designed to last the length of most if not all Festivals with a lifespan of 7+ days.
  • Printing and even tabs are available for Vinyl Wristbands. Organisers can set up facilities which can be accessed by redeeming a tab from the Wristband.


  • Vinyl Wristbands with a colour print will be more costly than a Fabric Wristband printed in full Colour.
  • Plastic bands are not eco friendly and many festivals are looking to more environmentally friendly products which can be found here

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