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Silicone Wristband prices in Ireland

Customized Charity Wristbands – Plastic Wristbands with best prices

Silicone Wristbands are the most popular product we have when it comes to Charities and raising awareness about good causes. Silicone Wristbands have become synonymous with fund raising in recent years and many people wear several Silicone bands. Please find below a price list outlining the cost of various types of Silicone Wristbands available. Rubber or Silicone bands come in a variety of sizes so we can be sure to get the correct fit for your intended recipients. The width of a silicone band is also a variable which we can customise to ensure your Wristband is just how you want it. Just send us the key details required and our artwork team will prepare a visual proof for you to review on screen. Logos, Text, Social Icons/Tags and even QR codes can be included on Silicone bands to ensure you are engaging in the most productive way possible with your target audience. A full colour spectrum is available and we can pantone match colours to ensure your personalised wrist band is perfect for your event. Silicone bands will comfortably last for months or years so if you are seeking a donation for a Silicone Wristband the recipient will get a very long period of use. Lead time is approx 2 weeks so please get your Order processed in good time to ensure we can meet the deadline for your next event.

100 €0.95 €16.00
200 €0.75 €18.00
300 €0.60 €20.00
500 €0.45 €24.00
1000 €0.33 €42.00
2000 €0.24 €80.00
3000 €0.22 €130.00
5000 €0.18 €220.00
10000 €0.17 €390.00

Key points about our Silicone Wristbands;


  • From just €0.17c per Wristband these are a very economical way of fundraising.
  • Full customisation is available – Text, Logo, Social icons and QR Codes can be included.
  • No setup fees for Silicone Bands.
  • Minimum Order Quantity for Personalised Wristbands is just 100 Units – Ideal for even small events.
  • Full colour spectrum is available – We can pantone match for the perfect finish.
  • Silicone wrist bands can be removed and re-applied by the wearer so they are used for much longer.
  • Production and Delivery time for Silicone is approx 2 weeks from order being placed.
  • Silicone bands have the longest life span of all our Wristbands and last for months or even years




Wristbands Ireland are proud to offer a full and comprehensive range of Silicone Wristbands. We never charge any setup fees or mould charges for orders no matter what the size. This makes our silicone bands among the cheapest in Europe and we process countless orders a week. Customers can email the Silicone details and our in house artwork team prepare a visual proof for the customer to approve. Only once the artwork has been approved are Customers required to make a payment for their Wristbands.

The production time for Rubber or Silicone bands is approximately two weeks from the order being placed to delivery. Please ensure you allow sufficient time by getting your Order in early to avoid disappointment. Silicone bands are available in various lengths and widths which allows us alot of flexibility in terms of the design of the Wristband. We can include Text, Logo, Social Icon/s and even QR codes to ensure you engage with your target audience effectively.

Silicone Wristbands can be one of three finishes – Printed, Debossed or Embossed or Debossed/Embossed with Colourfill. All of these are long term solutions but Debossed with colourfill is the most popular finish among Customers. This finish sees the debossed or engraved area being a different colour to the remainder of the rubber wrist band. There is a small additional charge for this finish as per the Pricing table above.

As we become more aware of the importance of recycling, Silicone Wristbands have becoming increasingly popular. Many festivals and charities are moving away from single use products and prefer the long term nature of a Silicone option. While a silicone band is not well suited for entrance to a specific event it can still be used as an effective marketing tool long after an event has concluded.

Many charities seek a donation in return for a Wristband showing support for a particular cause or event. For orders of 1,000+ units the cost per Unit is below €0.33 which is an excellent price for a fully customised and personalised product. We can offer a breakdown in colours and sizes free of charge in most cases so please contact us if you require adult and children size silicone wristbands.

Our chosen courier partners are extremely reliable and when Wristbands are despatched they are usually delivered within 24 hours. This allows us to meet even tight time frames for silicone orders. Please email us on if you have any queries regarding Silicone Wristbands. We look forward to assisting you with your next Silicone Wristband Order.