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Custom Vinyl Wristbands in Ireland

Custom Printed Vinyl Wristbands for adults and children

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Custom Printed Vinyl Wristbands are an extremely popular product for use over the long term as they can be worn for months even in swimming pools or hot environments. They are the type of wristband you find at hotels where long term guests are asked to wear them to gain access to the facilities. Guests show the wristband to easily show which board basis they are on and for access to certain areas of a hotel or venue. Vinyl wristbands in Ireland are made from strong and durable plastic material which means they can be recycled after they have been used. They are also fully costumizable and can have text and logos printed onto them which are visible when worn. We offer a wide range of colours and also different finishes sucha s gloss, reflex and matt. Popular colours include; red, green, yellow, blue, white and black. Vinyl bands fit both adults and children and the lock adjust to fit whoever is wearing the band when it is applied. They cannot be removed, transferred or reapplied after they have been put onto a wrist making them ideal to control entrances. Apart from a hotels they can also be used for premium and VIP events where a tyvek band is not deemed sufficient. Click above to design your customized vinyl wristband now with fast delivery and best prices.

Above you will see an image of the two types of most popular vinyl wristbands – and both of them can be fully personalized using our online designer tool. Firstly the L shaped vinyl wristband is the standard size and type and is ideal for most clients. It is highly durable, waterproof and tamperproof. For clients looking for a long lasting solution for their event or venue this is the ideal option. Using the designer, clients can upload logos and add text to create a unique design – which is previewed on screen. The print area is only about 150mm when the band is worn so we strongly recommend using simple designs such as text in either black or white colour. Similarly logos can be added but they should be simple and ideally in one or 2 colours to keep costs down. The other type of vinyl band is the one that has detachable tabs which are normally used to show icons such as food or drink. The tabbed vinyl wristbands are commonly used at corporate events where each guest is entitled to a certain number of food or drinks and they can be redeemed in exchange for these items. The icons can be customized with any icon but to keep things simple we offer just 2 on the website. See how both of these vinyl bands can be implemented at your venue or event in the near future. Production time for customized vinyl plastic wristbands in Ireland is 10-14 days from confirmation of order and plain bands are in stock.

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