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Frequently Asked Wristband Questions

What are the printable areas of wristbands?

From our experience, the wristband with most visual impact is not one with multiple images and lines of text, but actually one with a simple and clean design. While our wristband designer shows the printable area in the preview, those wishing to create their own designs beforehand should note the following. 1 Inch Tyvek wristbands have a printable area of 20mm in height * 120mm in width. The 3/4 inch Tyvek variety mean the height is 15mm in height * 120 mm in width. For our other types of wristbands such as Fabric, Silicone and Vinyl wristbands please contact us directly with your required artwork and we will prepare a visual proof for your confirmation. Fabric wristbands are 350mm * 15mm and Silicone wristbands are 202mm * 12mm

How can I pay for Wristbands?

All orders must be paid for prior to being printed and dispatched. We do not offer credit terms and accept the following popular payment methods; Debit card, credit card, PayPal, and electronic bank transfer. We do not accept cash or cheques. 

Do we offer discounts for charities?

We are always looking to give back to local communities and as such we offer a 20% discount on our list prices to all charities who are hosting fundraising events and require wristbands. To apply for a charity discount send an email to stating the name and number of the charity and also the details of the event.

How can I design a wristband?

Our online designer function accepts many types of artworks – a list of which can be found below. For the best print results we strongly suggest using only high resolution images such as PDF, JPEG, PNG, AI. Our printing process means that the colour/s of any design must be darker than the colour of the wristband. Areas that appear white on the design, will show as the colour of the wristband on the final product. The use of light colours, gradient effects, shadows, etc is not suggested in any artwork unless specifically requested on Fabric wristbands. All submitted artwork should have a plain white background for our artwork team in case of changes.

How fast will I receive my wristbands?

Our preferred shipping method is the Express option which offers a next working day delivery to most major European cities. Whilst it can take up to 3 days for remote destinations, 95% of our shipments are delivered the next day when Express shipping is selected. The tracked service allows real time information and update on the shipment and ensures delivery even when up against a tight deadline.

How much do wristbands cost?

For a list of all of the products that we offer please click here for a list of products and the relavent minimum quantities involved. Our wristband prices are among the cheapest in Europe and regularly announce special offers via our Facebook page. We do offer bespoke products on request – please let us know what you require and we can try and assist you.

Are wristbands secure and safe?

As our Tyvek wristbands are often used at ticketed / private events, they are all sequentially numbered at production to protect against any fraudulent activity. This added layer of accountability ensures peace of mind that the wristbands will be extremely hard to counterfeit and ensure the security of the event. Our Fabric and Vinyl bands come with a variety of locking mechanisms depending on the intended use and if the band is to be removable or not. Our Tyvek wristbands are also produced with perforated removable ends, which carry the same sequential number as the band (ideal for use in cloakrooms or as a detachable voucher).

Can I add barcodes to the wristband?

Upon request, we can print variable data onto our wristbands such as QR codes and Barcodes. Please contact us via live chat or email for a personalized quote about this additional service which comes at an extra charge but also gives the wristband an an extra layer of security.

Can I see how the wristband will look?

Full payment for wristbands and shipping costs must be received and cleared into our bank before wristbands will be dispatched.
Confirmed visual proofs (where applicable) will be treated as confirmation of the design from customer.
We do make every attempt to deliver all orders according to visual proofs and within estimated timeframes we are not liable for Third Party delays in delivery or errors/omissions in production.

See below images of our 3 most popular types of wristbands – all of which can be customized to include your design. Silicone Wristbands are ideal for long term use and are commonly used by charities. Tyvek Wristbands are the cheapest bands available on ther market and can be used for 24-48 hours. Fabric Wristbands are a premium product that can be worn for months and are commonly found at music festivals. With over 600 reviews on Trustpilot and a 5* score from customer reviews you can order with Wristbands Ireland safe in the knowledge that you will receive a top quality product and service. We look forward to answering any queries you have and our sales team can be contacted via live chat, on the phone or via email. 

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