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Eco Friendly Wristbands in Ireland
Biodegradable Wristbands for events

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Biodegradable Wristbands

At Wristbands Ireland we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and we know that many of our Customers feel likewise. As a result, we have been pioneering several eco friendly wristbands which are growing in popularity. Biogredable wristbands are available as an alternative to Tyvek Wristbands and can also be printed on a same day basis. This allows us to supply enivornmentally friendly wrist bands to customers with next day delivery in certain areas such as Dublin and other major cities. To make your own wristband using our standard online interactive designer for tyvek paper wristbands please click here to be redirected. Our cheap Tyvek event Wristbands can be recycled but only the Eco Friendly version are biodegradable and even compostable! Biodegradable bands are not suitable for long term use longer than 24 hours. Additioanlly the eco friendly bands are not suitable for use in or around water as they will start to lose their form and eventually fall away in such environments. 

Our most popular Tyvek Wristbands used to have a plastic tab to cover the adhesive area which we are in the final stages of converting into paper. This ensures that there is as little plastic as possible in the product which comprises a mix of tyvek and paper material to form the strong and durable band. We are also looking to develop a single use wristband which does not have a detachable paper attached to the adhesive. This will hopefully make life even easier when applying the wristband and ensure that there is no waste. We continue to test all eco friendly wristband concepts on an ongoing basis and hope to be able to offer all of our colour choices in the near future. Keep in touch by signing up to our newsletter to keep up to date on the latest news and trends in regards to recycled wristbands and march towards a greener product. For recycled wristbands in Ireland contact our sales team who will present all of the options that are best suited for your intended use. 

RPET Fabric Wristbands

Event organisers in Ireland have often approached us about Recyclable Fabric Wristbands and we now have a solution in place for this too. Ideal for long term use such as music festivals or multi day events, RPET Fabric Wristbands are an eco friendly fabric wristband. The product is made from rPET (or Polyethylene terephthalate) which is a strong but lightweight form of polyester. The band is manufactured using completely recycled material which otherwise would have ended up in landfill. The production method then involves dye sublimated ink being applied to the material to create the unique design. Recycled fabric wristbands can be printed in full colour and include logos and text and can easily be worn for several weeks or months. 

As with our regular Festival Wristbands, Recycled fabric wristbands are available in various widths and lengths to ensure we can accommodate your needs and design requirements. Our standard size is 15mm in width but we also offer sizes of 20mm and 25mm on request and where the artwork is intricate or large. We are delighted to now be able to offer Bamboo Wristbands to all customers. These environmentally friendly wristbands can be printed in full colour with no limitations. As more and more festivals look to improve their environmental impact we expect to see these products becoming extremely popular in the months and years ahead.

The RPET Wristbands are available in a number of locking options depending on the intended use. The most common lock is made of plastic and provides a lightweight and cheap way of securing the wristband on the wearer for the duration of the event. For organisers of events looking to completely eliminate any form of plastic we can offer bamboo locks, made of bamboo wood. The bamboo closure is offered in either removable or non removable options. For music festivals and ticketed events we always suggest the non removable lock so that the wristband cannot be transferred or removed and passed on to other people. We also offer a metal lock or aluminium closure which too can be either removable or locked depending on the requirement and event. All Fabric Wristbands can even be equipped with a bamboo RFID chip for electronic data. As all organisers are looking to make their event carbon neutral we can assist by providing wristbands with no plastic in Ireland. 

Eco Friendly Wristbands

Whilst we specialise in identity solutions such as wristbands, these are not the the only product on offer. Additionally we supply eco friendly promotional products in Ireland for businesses. Corporate clients are looking to ensure that their carbon footprint is as low as possible and we can assist you with any other requirements you may have. We have recently begun providing Eco Friendly Lanyards in Ireland for mainly business customers. Personalized lanyards can be made of either Bamboo or from recycled plastic. These lanyards can even be complimented by RFID Bamboo keycards to gain access to offices or buildings securely. We expect this product to see a huge upturn in popularity in the months ahead.

Silicone Wristbands have become increasingly popular with charities and raising awareness for causes in recent years. Recycled silicone wristbands offer any organisation the opportunity to raise awareness whilst at the same time be environmentally friendly. The product is made with recycled plastic as opposed to virgin plastic and this ensures little or no waste. Recycled rubber wristbands are also seeing greater levels of interest as customers consider their carbon footprint when trying to raise awareness for the causes they support. 

Additional eco friendly products in Ireland are constantly being developed and tested with the environment being a core focus instead of an afterthought. If you have a particular promotional product in mind please contact us and we will be able to guide you through the design and purchase process. As we all strive to have a smaller carbon footprint here at Wristbands Ireland we will continue to make progress on supplying recycled wristbands.


Can Eco Friendly Wristbands be recycled?

Yes – Eco friendly Wristbands can be recycled. Not only can they be recycled but were made from recycled material at the point of production. This ensures that events can operate with Wristbands and be environmentally responsible. Lanyards and other products for events can be recycled.

Can Wristbands really be made from Bamboo?

We are now offering Wristbands made from woven Bamboo. Furthermore, all our Fabric Wristbands can be benefit from a Bamboo closure locked or flexible closure. Bamboo Wristbands can even carry a Bamboo RFID chip to contain electronic information. Bamboo wristbands and lanyards are extremely popular.

How are RPET Fabric Wristbands made?

RPET Fabric Wristbands are made when plastic is shredded into pellets and melted before being spun into a very fine thread which can be used to make Wristbands, Lanyards, Etc. This prevents plastic potentially going to landfill and upcycles them into a useful product.

Which Wristband is the most eco friendly?

Silicone Wristbands are likely the most eco friendly type of Wristband as they are worn for the longest period. A rubber wristband can be worn for months or even years and will rarely be discarded after use. Silicone is in itself a more environmentally friendly product than regular plastic.

Can paper wristbands be biodegradable?

There is now a viable option for an eco friendly version of a Tyvek Wristband. This is completely biodegradable but still has the characteristics of a Tyvek Wristband which can be worn securely for 24-48 hours. Either Plain or Printed Biodegradable paper wristbands are available with next day delivery.

What are biodegradable wristbands?

Biodegradable Wristbands have no plastic element. This means that over time they will decompose like other organic waste. As we try to eradicate single use plastics, the use of biodegradable Wrist bands will increase and we will look to add other biodegradable products.


Which wristbands are recyclable?

All of our Wristband products can be recycled. Regular Tyvek, Fabric, Silicone, RPET and Vinyl all contain plastic elements so should be recycled with other Plastic items. Bamboo and biodegradable Wristbands can be discarded with organic waste.


How much are eco friendly wristbands?

Eco friendly Wristbands vary in price depending on quantity. If you are looking for a specific type or quantity of Wristband please contact us and we will give you an accurate quote and lead time in Production. Paper Wrist bands are available faster than Fabric or Bamboo Wristbands.

What is the cheapest eco friendly wristband?

The cheapest eco friendly Wristband available is the biodegradable paper wristband. This can be worn for 24-48 hours and retain its strength even if it gets wet. After 48 hours use this Wristband will show signs of wear and tear and likely need replacement. This type of Wristband is available with Next Day Delivery.


How can I make my event carbon neutral?

If you want to make your event carbon neutral there are a variety of products which can help in addition to paper straws! Event Wristbands can be made from either bamboo or recycled plastic. Event staff can even be equipped with lanyards and other items which have been recycled from other forms of plastic.