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Hotel Wristbands

Vinyl wristbands offer the most secure and long lasting option and are very popular with hotels and resorts that rely on the durability of wristbands. Our Hotel Wristbands are lightweight but extremely resilient to wear and tear and can be worn for weeks at a time without the need for replacement. The print method ensures that the design remains unblemished even after exposure to sun, sea, sand, spas and any other activity at such venues.

There are various types of vinyl wristbands including the wide faced variety which allows for more information to be printed. Choose from a multitude of colour options and be safe in the knowledge that the closing mechanism is tamperproof. Hotels often print one design in various colour options and use the colours to differentiate between guests; Red = All inclusive, Blue = Bed & breakfast, Yellow = Half board, Green = room only, etc. Vinyl wristbands are also a great option when the duration to be worn is longer than 1-2 days and as such Tyvek would not be suitable.

Silicone Wristbands for Hotels

Score: 2/5

Summary: Silicone wristbands are unlikely to be found at hotels as there are other products better suited to this industry. Hotels are looking at wristbands as a form of identification for guests which cannot be removed or transferred, and silicone wristbands can be removed. Hotels would only use silicone wristbands if they are looking at specific one-off events or conferences where security is not an issue.



  • Hotels can offer silicone wristbands to guests as a gift, but they are unlikely to use them for any other purpose. The hotel can print its logo and website and use the wristbands as a free advert that individuals will wear.
  • The wristband colour can match any specific colour scheme that the hotel has which is especially important for brands who have multiple hotels to achieve consistency across the group.


  • As silicone wristbands can be removed and reapplied there is little use for them in a day-to-day setting at hotels. They cannot be used to identify guests and their board basis and so are not suited for this setting.
  • Plastic silicone wristbands are more expensive then Vinyl wristbands which are more commonly found at hotels as they cannot be removed. With a similar leadtime of two weeks it makes sense for hotels to use the vinyl product.

Tyvek Wristbands for Hotels

Score: 4/5

Summary: Many hotels use Tyvek wristbands for one off events such as conferences and weddings, or for day guests. The product offers a cheaper alternative to the Vinyl wristbands which are typically given to long stay guests for up to 2 weeks. But they cannot replace the longer lasting vinyl band as the paper wristband will eventually break down after a number of days.



  • Tyvek wristbands are often used by hotels to distinguish guests benefits or control access to areas of the premises.
  • As the paper wristbands are waterproof then they are ideal for use in and around pools, spas and even beaches.


  • The product cannot be worn for longer than 3 days and as such it is not feasible to give to longer term guests. With many visitors to a hotel spending 1-2 weeks at the premises Tyvek wristbands are not sufficient.
  • A Tyvek wristband will appear to look like an inferior product when compared alongside a vinyl wristband which may happen when guests mix in common areas around the hotel.

Fabric Wristbands for Hotels

Score: 3/5

Summary: Most hotels use either vinyl wristbands for long stay guests or Tyvek wristbands for day guests or one-off events. Fabric wristbands are however used in several Mediterranean hotels as they are waterproof and will not fade in the sun. Fabric wristbands can be worn for weeks and even months meaning they can be used in hotel environments. Sublimated wristbands are the ideal option for hotels as this allows printing in fine detail and is lightweight when worn by customers.



  • When purchasing in bulk, customized fabric wristbands are extremely cheap and offer an excellent waterproof and lightweight wristband
  • The product is fully customizable and hotels can print their logo together with the guests benefit such as all-inclusive, full board, bed and breakfast, etc


  • Hotel guests may now be used to vinyl wristbands as the product of choice when visiting

Vinyl Wristbands for Hotels

Score: 5/5

Summary: Most of our Hotel customers prefer Vinyl Wristbands as they are an ideal solution for hotels and guesthouses. The length of a hotel stay generally matches the life expectancy of a Vinyl Wristband. Most hotels like to print their name and/or logo on the Wristband and this is possible with Vinyl Wristbands. Most hotels use a different colour Vinyl Wristband to indicate the different board basis of their guests and residents. For these reasons, Vinyl Wristbands are used in Hotels and guesthouses across Ireland.



  • When ordering in bulk the cost of Vinyl Wristbands is very reasonable compared to other types of Wristbands.
  • Vinyl Wristbands are not transferable which ensures that only the intended hotel guest can access the hotel facilities and refreshments.


  • Lead time is approximately 2 weeks so Vinyl Wristbands need to be ordered in good time to allow production and delivery to take place.
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Vinyl Wristbands

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