100 Printed Silicone Wristbands

Use our interactive Silicone wristband designer below to create unique Silicone wristband by adding logos and/or text. For customers looking to create a simple design, simply Add Text and type out the required information into the text field. Users can then change the colour, font type and size as applicable and drag and reposition the text on the wristband template. Multiple lines of text can be added onto one wristband design.

If you wish to add logos or icons to the design then click on the Add Image button and select the file from your device. For best results we suggest using simple logos in high resolution that are spaced apart. Again multiple logos can be added to the design - simply drag and reposition the items as needed. 

Once you are ready with the design you can select the required quantity and add to card. For any assistance please contact us via live chat or on the phone for an immediate response. A preview of your wristband design will appear in the cart section before proceeding to the checkout.

Order 100 Printed Silicone Wristbands in Ireland with the best prices and fast delivery. Get Customized Silicone wristbands with logos and text printed in colour. These Silicone bands have the design printed onto the wristband surface for a sharp finish. The colour of the wristband is customizable and can match any pantone colour. Create a unique silicone wristband design by adding text and logos and get a live preview on screen. With our Express production it means this product is normally delivered in 10-14 days. These Rubber wristbands are 12mm in width and 202mm in diameter as standard for adult size. There are also teenager and childrens sizes available on request. 100 units is the minimum quantity for custom printed silicone wristbands. If the logo or text has more than one colour then additional costs would be applicable. Order 100 Quality Printed Silicone wristbands for adults in Ireland by adding the required quantity to the cart and proceeding to the checkout.

Please click on the wristband design area (currently red) above and select the bucket tool to choose your wristband background colour. Once you have decided click back to add text and/or logos to create your customized silicone wristband. 

Prices quoted are for print in one colour only, any additional colours will incur an extra cost of roughly €0.15c per band. Prices quoted are for one size only, if you need a split of different sizes there is a mould fee of €25 for each EXTRA size required. Prices quoted are for one colour wristband, for wristbands with 2 or more colours additional costs will be involved of roughly €20

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