Recycled Wristbands in Ireland

As people become more aware of global warming and the destructive effects it is having on the planet we are striving to bring to market products that can be considered ‘green’. Venues together with organisers are trying to reduce the carbon footprint of their events and one of the best ways to do that is by using Recycled Wristbands in Ireland to control entrance and access. With so much plastic being used on a daily basis across the world there is plenty of it to be recycled and used again in a different format. This is exactly what happens with our fabric festival wristbands that after months of testing are now available to order. It must be noted that these are not bio degradable wristbands in the sense that the material will not then degrade after a certain amount of time. The wristband material is made up of rPET (or recycled Polyethylene terephthalate) giving the product a huge advantage over standard wristbands that are made from virgin materials. Recycled fabric wristbands can be used for both short and long term events and are completely waterproof meaning they are perfect for almost any condition.

Sublimated Eco Friendly Wristbands

Eco friendly wristbands for events are perfect for long term use such as music festivals or events taking place over a number of days as it is highly durable and can be worn for months at a time. Eco friendly fabric wristbands are the ideal solution for people looking for a product that is made from recycled materials and can be worn long term. Whilst single use plastic wristbands are convenient and a very cheap option to operate crowd control, we have received many requests for a product that has a neutral effect on the planet and this ticks the boxes. The sublimated wristband is manufactured by combining thousands of small recycled particles that would otherwise have been destroyed or ended up on a landfill. We then dye the material with the required ink to bring about the final product showing the customers design as per the request. There are no limits in terms of what the design can include and they can be printed in full colour including effects such as gradients or fine detail. Recycled wristbands are a one size fits all product and that means that they can be used by both adults and children of all ages.

Custom Recycled Wristbands

Our recyclable event wristbands in Ireland are available in any colour and we can also supply them in different sizes depending on the requirements and age group. The normal standard width of a fabric band is 15mm but we do also offer 20mm and 25mm if requested by the client. The standard size is fine for most customers unless the design is very complicated which would then entail more material to make the components visible when the band is worn. With the dye sublimated technique we are able to include text and logos in colour but suggest to keep the designs as simple as possible so that the wristband does not appear cluttered when worn. Our design team can create a unique digital proof free of charge with unlimited design changes until the finished product is ready to proceed with. As businesses are looking to improve their environmental practices and appeal to customers with their green credentials we expect to see custom recycled plastic wristbands growing in popularity in the future.

Bamboo Fabric Wristbands

These eco friendly RPET Wristbands can be supplied with a wide variety of locks or beads depending on the situation and how the bands are likely to be used. If the bands are being used to control access then one of our locks makes the most sense so that the band cannot be removed or transferred once it is applied. We have plastic locks together with metal and aluminium locks that ensure the band cannot be removed. All of our quotes for sustainable wristbands include the standard plastic barrel lock as it offers a lightweight and effect mechanism to keep the band secured. Additionally we offer bamboo locks too which are ideal for those looking to eliminate the use of plastic even further. The bamboo material does add an extra price to the final price but it is a very nice finish and certainly makes the product stand out when worn. Another product in development to be released on the market soon are bamboo wristbands – which as the name suggests the whole wristband material will be made of bamboo. Bamboo fabric wristbands are more expensive due to the high cost of the base material when compared with the rPET bands. On request we can also quote for eco friendly fabric wristbands to be equipped with RFID chips for electronic data and use with the relevant technology.

Order sustainable wristbands

Click here to find out more info on our eco friendly wristbands across all products including recycled lanyards in Ireland made from sublimated material. Should you wish to order recyclable event wristbands or other products please contact our sales team on or else by calling on 830475444 and we will be happy to help. Let’s help the environment and look after the planet for future generations by purchasing with them in mind.