What are RFID Wristbands

RFID which stands for Radio Frequency Identification is a wireless technology which uses encoded radio waves to transmit data at fast speeds. Each unique tag can store customised data that can be retrieved by or edited using specialized RFID scanners without requiring any physical contact. RFID Wristbands are specialized wristbands which have an RFID tag built into them. A scanned band will return data in less than a millisecond which makes them perfect to handle large crowds trying to enter a festival. Instead of having security look though paper tickets, attendees can just scan their smart band to gain instant access to the festival.

Festival Wristbands using RFID

Many festivals and events have recently been switching to RFID Wristbands and finding innovative ways to benefit from this technology. Lightning fast scanning speeds will streamline the process of entry while also logging useful data showing when people entered and which entrances were used. They can also be used to identify who can enter certain restricted areas like VIP or staff only areas. Some festivals have recently started asking attendees to enter personal identification details which can be saved on an RFID tag to eliminate ticket touting. The bands can also be paired up to a mobile app for extra features like sending notifications to avoid congested areas or even help attendees find their friends!

The bands can also be used to replace cash purchases at bars or food stalls, promoting an easy to use, cash free environment. Attendees can simply top up their bands before or during an event then just tap-to-pay for their purchase, significantly reducing transaction times and increasing sales!

RFID can also help event organisers improve service during events. With all bar purchases being made with the RFID Wristbands, a bar manager can see which bars are busy in real-time and shuffle staff around as necessary. All the data stored by the system can also help organisers to identify high traffic areas or times to make improvements for future vents

RFID Wristbands

What is the benefit of using an RFID Wristband

With the ability to store customized data which can be read and edited in milliseconds, the benefits of using RFID Wristbands are endless. RFID tags can’t be copied or reproduced. This eliminates the opportunity for ticket fraud at your events. One RFID access point can scan over 2500 tags per hour which streamlines the process of entering the event. The fast and easy scanning will also reduce bar transactions speeds! More sales = more revenue. Since all scans can be logged, the data can help tell organisers exactly when people entered and exited their events plus identify which areas they visited to help make improvements for future events

RFID Vs Barcode Wristbands

RFID tags are basically the barcodes of the future. Barcode Wristbands; which can be printed on any type of our customizable wristbands have to be scanned much like an RFID wristband, but the similarities basically end there! RFID bands don’t need to be oriented in a certain direction like barcode so tags can be scanned much faster. Barcode wristbands can be scanned to return data but cannot be edited in real time like RFID bands which are also significantly more durable and safer since the tags are unique and cant be copied and reproduced like a barcode.

Other Applications for RFID

Apart from events, people have started finding ways to revolutionize their industries using RFID tags. The following is a short list of some common uses for RFID technology:

• Inventory control & management
• Retail sales
• Pet and livestock tracking
Cannabis Cultivation
• Access control in security situations
• Healthcare
• Asset tracking and equipment tracking
• Cargo and supply chain logistics
Vehicle tracking & tolling

Types of RFID Wristbands

To make RFID Wristbands, producers implant an RFID chip into a specialized wristband. While we would love to offer a price upfront, being a fairly new product which is VERY customisable, it’s hard to offer one single price. The Price will depend on what type of RFID chip is required, weather its going on Fabric, Silicone or Tyvek Wristbands and total number of units required. Please contact our sales team for more information by calling +353 830475444 or by email on: info@wristbandsireland.com . Production time is around 2 weeks from order.

RFID Wristbands