The latest news regarding coronavirus seems to be more and more positive as we move into the month of June. The government has announced that if the number of cases remains on a downward trend that more industries will be able to open in the coming weeks. Certain sectors such as construction have already returned to work and many of them have shared with us how they have been using Wristbands in the workplace and there are more details below. Whilst it is undoubtedly good news for many business owners and employees, shops and hairdressers will now start to prepare to re-open. Of course, there will likely be many restrictions enforced to ensure the safety of both staff and customers.

The HSA has released some safety representative advice for employers preparing to open their business after a long period closed due to the COVID situation. Many of the same messages that have been used over the last 3 months still apply for when staff return to work. Both employers and employees must follow the simple guidelines to prevent any outbreaks or a second wave. Social distancing, together with regular hand washing are the 2 key points and any office should be re-arranged to allow adequate space between staff. The wearing of face masks is also highly recommended especially if using public transport to travel to or from work.

Wristbands are a product that can be used effectively when returning to work and they are being commonly used to control access to business premises such as shops and offices. With our custom printed Tyvek wristbands companies can customise the wristband to include a specific message such as ‘Temperature checked’ for staff or guests. Checking the temperature on a daily basis and confirming no staff members are showing abnormal signs is one way to keep your team safe. Similarly, a business can use a wristband to identify that the area or piece of equipment has been ‘sterilised’ and is ready to be used. With our 24 hour wristband option for both plain and printed products we offer fast delivery to major cities across the country.

Plain Wristbands in the workplace are another way in which companies are separating staff into groups that are easily distinguished. Acting as a pre-emptive measure, staff that are kept apart from each other or working in different shift patterns will not come into contact and cannot spread the virus to each other. We stock up to 20 different colours which gives ample options to use a different colour on different days of the week or for a large number of different groups. Our wristband prices from as little as 3c per band for plain and 4c to include personalized printing. When compared to the cost of a small outbreak of the virus at your business or premises the cost is very manageable. For companies with large workforces across various buildings it is suggested to keep staff members in isolated teams as much as possible.

Our friends at Walls Construction were one of the first to realise how wristbands can be used effectively to manage a large workforce safely. They outlined to our sales team what they had in mind and we were able to come up with a 2 tier system for their requirements. The team at Walls were looking to use Wristbands in the workplace to easily identify staff at their various sites across Dublin. The bands would be used to easily split the workforce into teams and ensure that they did not come into contact unnecessarily. The colour coded bands would easily distinguish what team a person belonged to and made life for site managers easy in identifying staff.

In the first instance we supplied custom Tyvek wristbands with the company logo and site name in a breakdown of numerous colours. These bands were required fast and with our express shipping method we were able to get the product to the client at very short notice. Paper bands can only be worn once and do tend to show signs of wear and tear after 48 hours so this was just a short term option. In the meantime our production team worked around the clock to produce personalized silicone wristbands for Walls – again with the company logo and site name. These bands could be removed and reused on a daily basis and were a key component to management being comfortable with social distancing on site.

Speak to our sales team today to see how Wristbands in the workplace can work for you and your business. Specific industries that could benefit from using Tyvek or silicone bands would be hotels, offices, retail outlets and even schools. The same basic principle can be used for any type of situation in that the wristband colour will break down groups of people into easily distinguishable numbers. The product can be applied in a matter of seconds and there are a number of different colour options to choose from. The fact that Tyvek bands cannot be removed or transferred is a great plus point in certain situations. Using wristbands together with other measures such as offering hand sanitiser to staff and guests will go a long way to ensuring the virus does not spread. For more detailed information about the coronavirus, its effects and the best ways to avoid it we suggest visiting the HSE official website here.

Due to the huge increase in demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in recent weeks we have managed to secure a number of popular products for our customers. Our production team have worked with suppliers to be able to offer face shields, N95 respirators and disposable face masks which are all in stock. More information and pricing can be found on our dedicated sister website which displays all the available products including reusable cloth masks and also ear protectors.

Our prices are some of the cheapest in Ireland with face visors being sold at just €4 per unit, with discounts on bulk orders of over 50. Surgical masks are the most common type and the cheapest face masks in Ireland being supplied in boxes of 50. N95 respirators offer the best protection against the coronavirus droplets as it blocks at least 95% of the airborne particles that cause the virus. With such a large demand for PPE we suggest you contact us today for any queries or to place an order via the website or by emailing