What are Rainbow Wristbands?

While normally silicone wristbands have just one colour – or sometimes two colours – rainbow wristbands contain the 6 primary colours in the format you would expect. They are very popular due to the bright colours and make a great statement when worn around the wrist. They are sometimes also referred to by other names such as Pride Wristbands, or multi coloured wristbands. Each term describes the same product, a wristband made from silicone plastic that is colourful and vibrant. They can be plain and they can also be customized to include text and logos. The bands are produced by creating a specialised mould and then adding the various colour elements to produce the unique product.

Customers can choose to add text and logos to the surface of the wristband using 3 different methods. We have included more information on the types of finish on our silicone wristband page. Rainbow silicone wristbands are very durable lasting and can be worn for months without showing any wear and tear. This long life is one of the main benefits of using the product and is the reason why many organisations use it regularly. The item is fully waterproof and as there is no lock they can be removed when not required and then worn again when the wearer wishes to put it back on. Check out one of our old blog post that outlines 5 simple steps on how to design your own wristband using our online designer tool.

What colours are in a rainbow wristband?

We have included a simple digital view of what a rainbow wristband looks like below for those who are unsure. It basically incorporates a number of different colours that blend into each other. These are sometimes referred to as segment wristbands because of the different parts that join together. The colours that make up a rainbow band are; purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Sometimes there can be different shades but these are the building blocks of what the product looks like when ready. There is a minimum order of 100 units for both PLAIN and also for custom printed rainbow bands.

Are these the same as Pride Wristbands?

Pride Wristbands are normally made from the same rainbow colour effect and so they can be called the same product. The pride colour scheme incorporates all colours of the rainbow – and this can be seen in other pride merchandise such as flags and t-shirts. Pride Wristbands can be supplied as plain – with just the rainbow colour effect. Alternatively they can also be customized to include some text or logos. There are 3 different types of finish available being printed, debossed and debossed + colourfil. Customers can order Pride Rainbow Wristbands by contacting us today for any upcoming events. We do not currently offer the rainbow style as a background colour but any other colours can be ordered using our Designer tool by clicking here . Working with a reputable company such as Wristbands Ireland gives all our customers peace of mind that the product and service will be top quality. This is reflected in our 5* Trustpilot score with over 500 reviews from recent customers.

Rainbow Wristbands
A photo of Rainbow Wristbands with the unique segments showing

Customized Pride Wristbands

Customized Pride Wristbands can be designed using our online designer tool – which the button below will take you right to. We do not currently offer a rainbow background as standard, but customers can add text and logos onto the wristband area for a preview. There is an additional charge of approximately €25 for the rainbow effect from the website list price. Rainbow bands are available for both adults and also for teenagers and children too. We offer 4 different types of sizes and our sales team can guide you if you have any queries. There is a minimum order quantity of 100 for personalized Pride Wristbands in any size. If you have any questions about sizes and what is best for your event then speak to our sales team who will be happy to help. Our prices include one size as standard, however if you require more than one size – for example adults and children – then there will be a charge of €25 for any extra sizes.

How much are rainbow wristbands?

Silicone Wristbands are a very cost effective way of gaining exposure for your chosen cause or charity. Specifically Rainbow Wristbands are known as the product of choice for Pride Festivals and events. They are extremely durable and can be worn for weeks or even months – ideal as a way to showcase your support. The way that the segments are put together in the production process ensures that Rainbow wristbands are waterproof. Plain bands start at about 50c each and personalized wristbands start at 1.20c each plus shipping costs. Bulk discounts are available for orders of over 500 bands where the unit price is reduced significantly. Contact our sales team today via the live chat website feature or on whatsapp for further information including production times and other queries.

How long do customized wristbands take?

Personalised rainbow silicone wristbands have a production time of roughly 14-16 days from when an order is placed. this timeframe includes express courier shipping and any setup period. This timeframe is a general estimate and of course each order may have its own particular factors that can require additional time. If you have a tight deadline please contact us so that we can confirm if it can be met. Factors that may increase production time range from the required artwork, additional sizes, shutdown periods and courier delays.

We also stock and supply PLAIN rainbow rubber wristbands that can be delivered much faster, normally within 1-2 days of the order being placed. We normally hold a good quantity of plain rainbow bands in stock in adult size to assist any last minute orders. The minimum order for both plain and customized rainbow bands is 100 units. The unit price decreases dramatically on orders over 500 units. Full prices are listed on our silicone page and the site will auto calculate the total unit price in the cart section depending on the quantity chosen. Cheap rainbow wristbands with free shipping are not available due to the relative weight of the items. But our express courier tracked and signed shipping method ensures that we stick to deadlines and do everything we can to help clients.

What are Silicone Wristbands used for?

We trust that this blogpost about Rainbow Silicone bands has been helpful in explaining more about the product and how it is made. Silicone bands are a hugely popular type of wristband and many people wear them daily to display their support for a given company / charity / cause. Commonly charities will give them to volunteers or donators who then wear it with pride. Other times they can be sold for a small fee or donation at entrance to fund raising events. Silicone Wristbands are also very popular with local sports teams and clubs and can be worn by all members – however old or young. GAA wristbands are very common at clubs across all the counties. Rainbow bands are well known to be used at Pride events or for those wishing to display their support for the LGBTQ community.

How to order Rainbow Silicone Wristbands

All of our personalized silicone bands are completely customizable – and can be made up of just one colour base – or have the 6 rainbow colours. We can supply just 100 units for a small event, or even thousands of bands for a public awareness campaign. Customers can include text and logos on the band and even items such as QR codes that can be scanned with a mobile phone and linked to a website or justgiving page. Using our interactive tool customers get a live preview of how the wristband will look when produced and can drag items around until they are satisfied with the final result. For customers requiring personalized or plain rainbow wristbands we ask that you contact us via info@wristbandsireland.com and here you can send artwork in PDF, PNG or JPG. For those creating their own artwork the template size should be 202mm in width and 12mm in height. Here you will find more information on the different types of finishes and the prices for silicone wristbands.

Rainbow Silicone Wristbands
Rainbow Silicone Wristbands showing all 6 colours