How to order Rubber Bracelets

As a product that sometimes has many names depending on who you ask, it can be confusing to know if there is a difference between Rubber Bracelets and Silicone Wristbands. They are the exact same product but are often called different names or even other variations too! They were made famous by the cycling legend Lance Armstrong as he used them to promote his charity for a number of years, which bought them to the publics attention. So much so that sometimes the bands are even referred to as Livestrong bands – in recognition of the charity name. Whatever the name that you would like to call them, below find some further details on the product and some useful links for customers interested in ordering them.

Rubber Bracelets are made from specialised moulds at the production process and these can fit either adults, teenagers or children. Each mould is unique to the design of the wristband and is then filled with plastic to produce the finished product. The colour of the bracelet can be matched to any pantone code which makes it ideal to compliment any club colours for GAA clubs for instance. The band can be fully customized to include logos and text in full colour, although we recommend using only simple designs for the best results when worn.

What are Debossed Wristbands?

There are 3 types of finishes available for silicone wristbands, each of which we will quickly explain. Printed finish is where the logo or text design is printed onto the area of the band. It is the best finish for detailed designs but the print can rub off with some wear and tear. As such it is good for shorter term use but not recommended for very long term projects. Debossed wristbands is where the design is engraved into the band from the production process. This is only possible for very simple designs such as text and is not recommended for detailed designs. The third type of finish for rubber bracelets is debossed with colourfil. This technique is the same as debossing the band by engraving it, but this time the engraved part has colour added to it making it stand out even more. The most popular type of finish are printed bands for short term use – as it is the cheapest style and allows detailed designs. Debossed colourfil bracelets are the longest lasting product and very popular with clients looking for a top quality Silicone wristband.

Are Rubber bands good for charities?

The most common use for Silicone Wristbands is at fundraising events or to raise awareness for a cause. Many charities order customized Rubber Bracelets to include their logo or message that they wish to convey. Some even add a hashtag if they are looking to co-ordinate the campaign online with specific messages for social media. Charity wristbands are waterproof and extremely long lasting and can be worn for weeks or even months without any issues. One of the great plus points of rubber bands is that they can be taken off the wrist and then reapplied at a later stage. This is ideal for volunteers of a charity for example who wish to affiliate with their charity of choice, but that cannot wear the wristband in certain circumstances.

We are very proud to have initiated the GIVING BACK SCHEME whereby we are increasing any orders for Rubber Bracelets by 100% to all local charities. As COVID restrictions have severely limited the ability of charities to raise money for over a year we are looking to help in anyway we can. Any registered organisation can benefit from the scheme which applies for silicone wristbands and is open until the end of the year. We hope that the charities can use the additional bracelets to sell at fundraising events in the near future and make up for the lost months of lockdown. For more information on the scheme and to apply for free wristbands click here to be taken to the relevant page.

How much do Rubber Bracelets cost?

Rubber bracelets are available in both plain and printed versions, depending on the customers request. Production time for custom printed bracelets is about 10-14 days from confirmation of the order. We do hold a limited amount of plain silicone bracelets in stock which can be dispatched with a next day delivery. Due to the mould setup costs the minimum quantity for customized rubber bracelets is 100 units. The unit price gets much cheaper as the order increases in size; for example the unit price for 500 units is under 40c. For the best prices on rubber bracelets and a full pricelist of custom printed silicone wristbands click here. To place an order please email your logo or print requirements to our sales team who will work on a digital proof for you to show how the bracelets will look when printed. For any questions about rubber bands in Ireland give us a call on 830475444 or email on We look forward to assisting you with your order in the future.

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Rubber Bracelets
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